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All cities have their own tree removal rules outlined in the cities tree preservation ordinance including Florida. A tree taller than 10 feet requires permit as opposed to a smaller tree.

Broward County, prohibits the removal of trees such as the Australian Pine, Bishopwood, Brazilian Pepper, poison wood etc. A licensed arborist is the only person permitted to take down dangerous trees. Download the tree removal permit application form here.

In Palm Bay, you can trim a tree on less of one acre of land without a permit. Certain trees in this city do not require a permit because they are disease ridden such as eucalyptus, ear tree and chinaberry. Dangerous trees don’t also require permits to cut down. Download the Palm Bay tree removal permit here.

Jacksonville, allows tree removal under some of the following conditions:

  • Any tree with a trunk diameter of 6 inches or more as measured at breast height
  • Trees on a single-family or individual lot
  • Any pine or palm tree within 20 feet of street right-of-way or 10 feet of property lines.

The permit application fee is $25. Some trees as chinaberry and pond willow are considered pests and can be removed without permit. Read more about the Jacksonville tree removal ordinance to know which trees are exempt from permit.

In Hillsborough FL, it will cost you $35 to apply for a tree removal permit. By downloading the form, you will know which trees are exempt from permits such as dead trees. Some exempt tree species such as Queen Palm allow for cutting without a permit.

Lee, requires a permit to remove a protected tree. If the tree is not protected, you can remove it without a permit. Dead or dangerous trees do not require a permit.

Volusia allows for tree removal without a permit on owner occupied single family residential lots. Protected trees can be removed with a permit and often require replacement. The city charges a total of $668 for the application process.

Miami, requires obtaining a permit before any tree removal exercise occurs. Only when a tree is hazardous or dead can it be removed without a permit. If the canopy is more than 25%, a permit must be obtained for tree pruning. Download the tree removal application permit form.

Cities like Orlando in Orange County, require one to have a permit if the tree is larger than four inches diameter at chest height. The permit application fee on private property is $25 on private property and $50 for commercial removals. The Orlando Tree Preservation Ordinance will give you a detailed process of application and requirements.

In Pasco County, A 5-inch diameter tree will need a permit and the application fee is $30-$50 depending on the size. Trees which are 18 inches diameter at breast height require a 3-day notification before removal.

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