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Does Intermittent Fasting Help In Losing Weight

You have to take a little effort to jump off to any specific diet suddenly. Even you have to count the calorie irrespective of the diet selected by you. This means, if you cut some specific food from the diet due to any reason, make sure that you can get its right substitute from other healthy options.

In contrary to these, intermittent fasting is pretty simple! It only needs the proper calorie count for the specific time period. Remember, burning of the calorie in a great number than what you consume is the way to succeed behind every weight loss diet.

However, you can also look for the diet which is more effective and reliable in assisting you to lose weight in shortest time period. To continue with the intermittent fasting, speak to our private health check up specialist at Health Screening Clinic.

Some involvements of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is referred to the pattern of eating coupled with fasting and eating. As there are a few and unique ways for intermittent fasting, the common and popular ones are mentioned below for your reference:

  • The 5:2 Diet: It is the diet in which you can consume everything normally for long 5 days. But you have to fast on the rest of the two days. On your fasting days, the calories you consumed on the long 5 days will get reduced to approx 500-600 calories.
  • Alternate Day Fasting: It is another type of intermittent fasting quite similar to that of The 5:2 Diet. The only difference is that in this specific diet type you have to stay fasting on the alternative day. This means the very next day of your eating will be definitely fasting day.
  • Time-Restricted Fasting: In this type of intermittent fasting involves setting of a specific time frame for your eating. Usually, you have to fast for the maximum hours of the day and can anything for the remaining hours with your heart full.

Is it helpful for losing weight?

Some evidences have been found stating that intermittent fasting is helpful for weight loss. If you want to lose the excessive fats, then you have to encounter the energy shortage for a specific time period by lowering down the intake of energy.

Though it has been proved that it is effective yet no evidence is still found which of its type is most efficient for alleviating the calorie level on daily basis.

Does it have any potential risks?

Generally, to lose additional pounds, people reduce the amount of food they consume on a daily basis. But it can lead to numerous health conditions including dizziness or headaches, tiredness, poor concentration and irritability. Furthermore, intermittent fasting is not something easy to follow strictly especially for a long period of time.

And fasting is not medically recommended to anyone as it can deteriorate your overall health. So, it is highly advisable to perform the private medical check before switching to intermittent fasting. Even, it is better for you if you consult with a qualified dietician or a GP regarding your concerns to know the best diet option for you.

Common verdict on the intermittent fasting

Several diets are there become popular within a short span of time! It is so; because those are considered as the quickest fix to your body requirements. Actually, there is no such diet which can be the fastest as each one is developed by considering a number of aspects for attaining your desirable result.

Though with them, you can lose some pounds in the first couple of days, but it will not sustain in the long run. So, you must opt to an unprocessed and balanced diet comprising of fish, lean meats, vegetables and fruits. It will be also equipped with regular exercise for a specific time period at the same time.

It is safest way to lose weight effectively and maintain it in the long haul. If you set an achievable as well as realistic goal already, then you must review your lifestyle once for tracking your progress towards your goal.

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