People with Hidradenitis Suppurativa can experience any of the three stages. Stage one being the mildest form of symptoms, stage two more moderate and then stage three the most severe. In this chronic skin condition, there is no cure, just learning to live with the flare-ups and working out what best limits them and their effects on your life. When different groups of HS warriors talk about what their daily lives are like, some find that what they eat can have an impact. A lot try eating a healthier hidradenitis suppurativa diet, and while there is yet still limited data on why some foods seem to lead to a response, common foods to avoid are sugar, dairy, and brewer’s yeast.

Managing symptoms the best we can
Those of us who live with HS might vary in how often the flare-ups occur and how severe the symptoms are, but we are always looking for ideas and support for the best way to manage this. If you take a look at some of the support group forums online, a lot of us talk about trigger foods and managing our diets. Even some small changes can result in noticeable improvement for some. Since there is no cure, this is one of the things we have some control over.

Foods vary so experiment
It is not always clear what foods are the triggers though, and because it differs between us that means sometimes we need to do some trial and error. Some report when they cut out dairy they notice a big difference, some find improvement happens when cutting out sugary foods, and some with processed foods, just as an example. A hidradenitis suppurativa diet should be one that is balanced. There is no instant cure just because you eat a certain food, or stop eating a certain food. It just might help lessen how strong the symptoms are. Some have seen improvements when removing tomatoes, some with peppers, some with potatoes.

Get support from your loved ones
Sticking to diets is hard. Especially if you are having to cut out common foods. But more places are catering to people with dietary restrictions and there are more brands of food that are too. Tell your family and friends what you are trying to do and ask for their support as you change your hidradenitis suppurativa diet. They can help you avoid trigger foods when they know what you are trying. Ask them to help you find dairy-free alternatives or whatever you need.

Add in what exercise you can
The topic of exercise is also a much-discussed one. Part of any healthy lifestyle and along with a hidradenitis suppurativa diet, we are encouraged to include some daily exercise for our health and well-being. But moving is not always easy. Sometimes it is painful to even. A lot of members have success by being more forgiving in what they accomplish. On the days when you can, do a little more, and on the days when you cannot, do as much as you can manage.