Are you in Andamans? Or planning for a trip Andaman? Where to visit in Andaman Nicobar? We all have a desire to walk somewhere with the beauty of nature. And let’s not underestimate Andamans for this specialty, it is known for its historical and ancient islands. If you are looking for a change of weather then you should visit them. The beautiful sunsets with sounds of waves and the delicious seafood make this place the most desirable vacation spot. In this article, you will get to know the Top 5 places to visit in Andaman. These places are filled with unique charm and beauty.

Top 5 places to visit in Andaman:

Havelock island:

This is the most popular place of Andamans because of its pristine beaches and sherry sunsets. If you are a person who wishes for adventures then here you will get fishing, mangrove safari, trekking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Apart from these amazing adventure activities, you should also visit the beach of Radha Nagar. This is one of the beaches which has been rated as Asia’s best beach by Time magazine. The resorts and restaurants of havelock provide your great drinks and food.

Port Blair

You must visit this place not because it is the capital of Nicobar and Andaman but because of its historical air. It has an Indian navy base and several historical museums. It is popular for the known jail that is Kala Pani. You can get all the historical era stories here. There are also some of the places for sightseeing such as Chatham islandĀ  (largest sawmill of Asia) Zsi Museum (full of insects and animal species), chidiyatapu ( a bird island), etc.

Little Andaman Island

This island is the fourth largest and island. It has beautiful waterfalls and peaceful beaches. This is the only place which provides you go surfing, training elephant calf and boating. If you are looking for a place for photography this one will make your day.

Baratang Island

Your Andaman trip is incomplete if you want to take a visit to the beautiful and lush Baratang island. Parrot Island, limestone caves and mud volcanoes made this place more popular. Also, you didn’t skip the jetty tour for the breathtaking view of crocodiles of saltwater. Jarwah tribes made this place more incredible and beautiful.

Jolly Buoy Island

An extremely beautiful place to visit on this island. We can say that this is a dream come true moment for a poet when he visits here. Also if you want a refreshing sunbath then just lay down here. It has crystal clear water and the best part of this place is it has no plastic area. You can also enjoy gorgeous and colorful coral formations here.

There are packages available at some travel agencies so that you can enjoy all the trips through an agent. So these Top 5 places to visit in Andaman give you a reason to make your vacation at Andaman and Nicobar. For booking and more information, you can visit travelsetu