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Before the outbursts of Novel COVID-19, the use of telemedicine platform has already increased exponentially. In fact, the telemedicine platform has accounted for a $20.4 billion share of the health care market in the year 2013 itself. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number was estimated to rise up to $30 billion by 2020. Now with the emergency of Novel COVID-19 which is commonly known as coronavirus where social distancing is followed, the demand for telemedicine platforms will be more in use.

“Being a stepping key to fight the pandemic Novel COVID-19, telemedicine platform plays a vital role by providing safe and efficient communication. Taking care of the needs of the patient in the period of crisis, the telemedicine platform has a bright future in the health care industry.” Observed Dr. Dipak Nandi a physicist, entrepreneur and a veteran in the health care domain.

In fact, telemedicine has been considered under the essential services by The World Health Organization “strengthening the Health System Response to COVID-19” policy. The telemedicine platform is one of the alternative models for clinical services and clinical decision support according to the policy by the World Health Organization.

Eliminating your value time and money that is wasted during the physician consultation, telemedicine platform helps you get the care that you need within the comfort of your home. In fact for the patient’s telemedicine is easy to access to specialists and health care professionals. Being a convenient solution for disabled and elderly patients, telemedicine eliminates expensive emergency room visits.  Moreover, studies have shown that half of the patient those who have been using the telemedicine platform claimed an improvement in the quality of patient care. Helping more and more patients getting involved in their own treatment decisions, the telemedicine platform is the future of the healthcare domain.

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