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Dipak Nandi

The adoption of telemedicine has shifted into hyperdrive over the last month, with virtual interactions being on pace to top 1 billion by the end of the year according to the Forrester Research group of industry experts. It represents a huge expansion of usage and adoption in the use of telemedicine or virtual health services right after the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Initiatives are taken by the CMS with reimbursements

There were three barriers according to industry analysts, there were cost and availability as well as the relationship that played a huge role. If a patient was able to see their physicians, they were more likely to use the service.

Those barriers have collapsed rapidly after the Trump administration declared a state of emergency after the dreaded pandemic hit the US. Top Telemedicine providers like Teladoc reported a surge of video requests to more than 15000 a day!

The Trump Administration also reduced a major cost barrier with the adoption of telemedicine by smaller physician practices. It had declared that Medicare and Medicaid will be paying the same rates for virtual visits as for in-office appointments.

The administration has also temporarily relaxed regulations to allow the use of mobile devices for any virtual health visits. All of these factors are surely contributing to making healthcare delivery more influenced by telemedicine more than ever before!

Providers need to invest in telemedicine

Healthcare facilities and providers have a massive opportunity to:

  • Improve patient engagement
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Lower physician-wait times
  • Increase the ratio of patient visits

Finding a quality partner that have invested in state of the art technologies, have near perfected the telehealth world can offer solutions that be off great value. A versatile provider that deliver proprietary technology/workflow which is automated to meet client’s specific operational demands will serve the right purpose that opens up opportunities ahead for telemedicine / telehealth service providers to develop and extend superior telemedicine / virtual health services that stand the test of time!

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