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How driving lessons can rescue your life on a bad weather day

Why you should take driving lessons

People who drive back and forth on a regular basis may not feel the need to go to a driving school to take driving lessons. This is because driving on an ideal weather condition is not an issue. However, change in weather especially when it is not in our favor may cause issues. This change may trigger issues including adapting to driving skills to be safe on the road.

In order to build the ability to control your car better on a bad weather day you need to find a suitable driving school that may provide you with knowledge catering to your driving skills. A driving school specialized in the field that we may suggest is Delaware Driving School for Adults & Teens. It offers a series of a list within its lessons that are specifically dedicated to unfavorable weather conditions. It has driving instructors who will provide you with profound driving skills in no time.
Courses dedicated to harsh weather conditions may highlight as follows in their lessons:

A) Mental Preparation

It is always a good sign if you mentally prepare yourself for a bad weather condition. This may include running a script in your head such as logically creating a list of features of your car that may require your attention.


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Is your car operational enough?

Features must be operational at all times. Pivotal features like the windshield wipers, cruise control, and headlight must be in working condition. Reasons for functionality are as follows:

• Windshield wipers

Wipers on your windshield helps to clear raindrops and snow, off your rare mirror. This allows you to see through clearly when driving. You cannot afford to miss out on the rare view even for a second to avoid an uninvited accident.

• Headlight

In case of bad weather conditions, it is advised to keep your headlights beaming at all times. This helps people on the road to be aware of your car presence and keeps passerby and other vehicle drivers’ alert.

• Cruise control

This is a car feature that allows us to select a set speed on our vehicle. Generally enabling it helps us to maintain a constant speed without using an accelerator. However, in a bad weather situation such as rain, snowfall or wind storm it is suggested to turn cruise control off. A logical explanation is that if in case hydroplaning occurs your car will be safe from slipping when it goes faster due to the water layering in between the Tyre and road.

• Steering Wheel

Your car steering wheel should be steady. It must be swift enough to move in case you encounter an accident. You need to be the one most alert when behind the wheel.

• Tyre inflation

Tires of your car must be well inflated. This will allow your car to grip better on the road. We all know that there are high chances of cars to slip on snowy or wet roads. Hence, it is better to take steps to avoid any mishap.

B) Emergency Kits

Allot space in your car to keep all thing that you may need in case of an emergency:

• Roadside Emergency Kit

It must include tools to fix your car such as Tyre inflator, tow rope, portable car charger, and flashlights, etc.

• Clothing and blanket kit

You never know when you may get stuck in a situation for longer than you think. Always remember to get an extra pair of clothing and a blanket in your car.

• Snacks and beverages

These are essentials when out in bad weather, in case of heavy traffic you can snack on to get through the wait.


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C) Practical Driving Lessons on the road

Now we come to the part of how to practically drive a car on a bad weather day.

• Posted Speed limit rule:

People generally refer to the posted speed limits as a benchmark. However, these limits are preferably applied in case of perfect weather conditions. Hence, in case of weather conditions that are not ideal always remember to slower speed more than the usually posted speed.

• Distance is must:

Weather conditions may cause hints of an accident in a glimpse of a second. To avoid this try to keep a distance more than usual form other vehicles. Even when trying to avoid another vehicle too close to you slow down and cater to the issue without arrogance.

• Hold your steering wheel right:

It is suggested to keep your hands gripped firmly on the steering wheel at all times. The position suggested is 9 o’clock for the left hand and 3 o’clock for the other. This will not only help you drive right but also keep you alert to react fast enough in case of an unfortunate event.


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Driving schools are generally taken lightly. If only we went through the courses these unconventional schools have to offer we may understand their existence better. These courses are designed by professional safety experts. This authenticity proves enough that the services provided by driving schools are considered to be incomparable when it comes to knowledge.

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