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It is not uncommon to have dry eye syndrome. On average, this condition affects 3 out of 10 people in the world and can trigger more serious diseases in the long term.
How many times because of the air conditioning, the long days in front of the computer and even without a factor that you have identified, have you experienced the uncomfortable sensation of dryness in your vision? If this symptom sounds familiar, dry eye drops for dry eyes may be your best allies.

When to use dry eye drops?

Sounds obvious, but the first step in fighting dry eyes is to identify the trigger and prevent this condition from becoming chronic and progressive. The origins of dry eyes can be multiple: from something as simple as fatigue, to the consumption of drugs and medical treatments, of hormonal type, by age, sex and among the most common correspond to environmental factors.

After visiting a professional and ruling out any condition, the lubricating drops remain in the order of solutions to combat this discomfort. A lubricant indicated for patients with mild discomfort, caused by the extended use of the screen, pollen and causes outside the body. These types of drops are sold without a prescription and facilitate a fresher vision.

Other dry eye diseases

The episodes of severe dry eyes can lead to more important pathologies of not being treated in time and mainly affect women who are over 50 years old. Early detection of the origin of dry eyes is important to combat it.

When we have the diagnosis of suffering from a dry eye, we will have to consider using hypotonic drops, to obtain the desired results. Depending on each person we can find that we need different drops, according to the time of year or the situation we are facing.

Using the right drops is a solution to provide relief and lubricate your eyes. However, special care must be taken and not to use expired drops that have been open for months. In addition, we must be very careful when we instill the drops of not touching our eye with the dropper, to avoid contamination. Omega 3 is a natural cure for dry eyes; we can start with prevention to avoid the problem:

  • Drink one to two liters of water a day
  • To eat a balanced diet
  • Protect your eyes with the right glasses against wind and cold
  • Ventilate the house, as well as use humidifiers if necessary
  • Blink frequently
  • Use dry eye drops

The drops for dry eyes are artificial tears that allow moisturize your eyes and help maintain moisture on its outer surface. There are two categories of dry eye drops:

  • With preservatives: they come in bottles, with multiple doses, and contain chemical elements that fight the growth of bacteria when the container has been opened.
  • No preservatives: in single-dose containers, they contain fewer additives and are indicated for people with moderate or extremely dry eyes. Or when it is necessary to apply them more than four times a day.

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