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Ear Injury types and Compensation Claim

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Ear Injury

Ear Injury: Ear injuries can be categorized broadly, from visible or outer damage to inside and middle ear damage. Hearing loss is the second most common health issue which is more common than asthma, heart issues, cancer, and diabetes. According to a report, 37% of hearing loss is due to the noise pollution and is preventable.

Lose of hearing can be caused due to the numbers of factors. The compensation amount depends upon whether both ears have been affected or how severe the hearing loss is. If your case is serious and you face complete deafness you could get the highest compensation amount.
You should know that you can only claim compensation if you get an ear injury due to someone else’s fault and negligence.

Types of Ear Damage

Outer Ear Damage

Outer ear can be damaged due to the aggressive contact or solid impacts such as boxing and wrestling. A direct blow can cause blood clots under the skin or the year’s skin may be stripped from the cartilage. The Burns, frostbite, and thermal injuries can also damage the outer ear.

Inner and Middle Ear Damage

Inner and middle ear injuries can be caused by trauma, in road accident or accident at work. The air pressure in the ear canal increases, if the side of the head of a person is hit. Which cause the rupture to the eardrum or damage the ossicles (tiny bones inside the ear).
Some objects are also the source of inner ear damage. Any insertion into the inner canal can cause deafness permanently.

Common Ear Injuries

The ear structure is designed to capture the maximum vibrations for hearing. The damage to the ear may occur in a variety of way
1• Loud Noise- Ear injury due to loud noise can occur due to the damage to eardrums and bones in the ear from an exposure to a single loud sound
2• Pulling Ear- Pulling ears intentionally or pulling earrings harshly can damage the outer ear, severe damage can be ear canal damage
3• Injury from fall- Sudden impact and trauma to the ears can damage the eardrums and ear bones
4• Ruptured eardrum- Insertion of a sharp object in the ear can rupture the eardrum
5• Tinnitus- Continuous ringing sound in the ears, caused by the exposure to excessive noise or ear tutors.
6• Vertigo- Nausea, dizziness, and loss of balance are the symptoms

How to Claim Ear Compensation?

After the accident, you should immediately seek the help of a medical staff. As you delay the treatment, the injury may become more severe. Bear in mind that any delay in treatment can cause the permanent deafness.

After the medical examination, you can file the compensation claim. Actually, you will need Personal Injury Solicitor’s help to get the claim. Always contact with expert personal injury solicitors who have years of experience in ear injury claim. Due to the complexity of injury, not any solicitor can deal the case.

Your personal injury Solicitors preston will examine the treatment report which shows the severity of the ear damage you faced. These reports will use as an evidence. Solicitors will make a charge sheet according to the damage whether the damage to the ear is external or internal, what are the chances of deafness according to the doctor’s report.

After all this calculation you will get the compensation from the liable person due to whose negligence you faced ear injury.

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