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Car Service

There are many car issues that you ignore while driving. But you have to resolve them sat an early stage to avoid further damage. The healthy vehicle is a necessity to drive safely on the road. So, car service must be done at priority.

In the advancement of technology, many modern cars give warning signs that there is a dire need of service by an expert. If you wish to know what are such signs, read below:

Auto Mechanic

Engine warning light

As mentioned above, new era cars are good at telling when it requires repair or service. The engine warning light is one of the indicators that get your attention to look in the matter. When a yellow coloured check engine light appears, you need to take your car to the garage immediately. A number of engine problems are indicated by this light only. So, whenever this little light gives you a signal, do not ignore and get your car service on time.

Smoke under hood

A normal car never releases any sort of smoke under the hood. But, if the smoke comes out, it means there is an overheating problem. This heat can severely damage your vehicle. Just look at the temperature gauge on the dash and be sure it’s not going up. While driving, sometimes wait to get the engine cool down and take necessary help. Call the expert to get assistance on this matter and to get your car repair.

Strange sounds

Sometimes your car makes some different sounds like uneven engine noise, whining sound from under the bonnet, crunching gears and many other noises. Let’s find what these sounds mean:

  • Rough engine noise: When your car is idling, you can hear this sound. Hearing this sound means your engine is misfiring and needs some fixation. You can easily fix it by simply replacing the spark plug. However, this can be a severe issue with your engine, and you will need an expert’s help.
  • Crunching gears: Your car’s gearbox gets a lot of wear and tear. Usually, some fluids and parts of it need frequent replacing. So, whenever you hear crunching sounds, replace your gears.
  • Whining sound under the bonnet: A loose belt usually causes this sound. This, in turn, can cause a number of issues from overheating to battery problems.
  • Metal-on-metal: If your car makes scraping sounds, it needs to be checked. Maybe there is a broken part that scraps the other part which causes damage to both.
  • Louder exhaust noise: A louder noise in your exhaust could mean a crack or hole. In such a case, your exhaust pipe could fall off, and you need a car mechanic.
  • Squealing while stepping on the brake: If you hear squealing when you step on the brake, this could be an indication of worn brake pads.


Avoiding leaks underneath your car can cause severe damage. If you notice leaks from your vehicle or signs of leakage where you park your vehicle, then you need a mechanic as soon as possible. It can be a transmission oil, engine oil or brake fluid that you might see in bright green or dark brown colour. However, if there is no colour, it can be just dripping water coming out of the cooling system in the summer months.

Reduced ride comfort

Now, when you find that your car is not running smoothly and speed bumps are becoming an issue, or you can hear tyres’ scraping noise over the wheel arch, it’s time to service your car. These signs can be an indication of a problem with your suspension.

Shaking or chugging of the engine

This could be a problem that shows your car needs a regular check-up by a mechanic. If it occurs, immediately take your vehicle to your garage or mechanical shop for a test drive and to resolve the issue.

Recurring transmission issue

Focus on how your car works in regular driving. If you find any speed issues, funny operating sounds, flashing issues, take it to the mechanical shop to address such problems as soon as possible. Otherwise, these issues become hazardous in the near future.

Vibrating or pulling under braking

If your brake discs or pads are worn out, it could lead to an issue with suspension or steering. And, it is not safe to drive in with such conditions as you can meet with an accident.

These signs could also indicate any tyre wear, so also check them. Your tyre tread must have at least a minimum requirement of 1.6mm. Otherwise, take it to the service centre for repair.


Ideally, these tips assist you with choosing if what you’re encountering is a significant issue or not. This ought to be get looked promptly or if you require any specialist help in this matter.

Do not avoid the car signs that are problematic and can lead you to a hazardous one in the future. So, consider them at an early stage and service your car.

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