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A lot of people face dandruffs these days. They either happen because of extreme dry or oily scalp or else they can happen because of the high level of pollution around. As a result, almost everyone person out of 3 suffers from white flake attacks.

But yes, there can be a lot of reasons behind the dandruff formation on the scalp. The most common one is the accumulation of dead skins on the scalp which can ultimately lead to flake formations.  When a lot of flakes cover up the scalp then it can give rise to redness and itchiness which is extremely irritating. Not only that, this is quite an embarrassing situation as well because these white flakes often land up on the shoulders and become really visible. Hence when dandruff happens one must take help of an anti-dandruff shampoo and use it to eradicate them.

Both men and women suffer from dandruff and so when men have dandruff they need to go for the best anti dandruff shampoo in India for men and use them at a regular interval till the white flakes are gone. Apart from that there are some effective home remedies as well which one can try on because they are really good. Here are a few ideas:

Lemon Juice

One can take a medium sized lemon and then squeeze out the fresh juice from it. Then one can take a cotton ball or use their finger tips to apply the juice on the scalp. After that one has to keep massaging the scalp for a few minutes so that it gets absorbed well. If one does not want to apply raw lemon juice on the scalp then they can easily mix some water with it to make it dilute. Keep it on the scalp for a few minutes and then wash it off with a regular shampoo.

Baking Soda

It is a great remedy to remove dandruff. This can not only scrub but can also exfoliate the scalp in a better way so that it remains clean. When the scalp remains cleans then there are lesser chances that the flakes with re build there again. One can add a tea spoon of fresh baking soda with some mild shampoo and then rub it well on the scalp. This will not only remove dandruff but will also reduce the redness and itching.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is said to be a great remedy for the ones who are suffering from both dandruff and itchy scalp. This vinegar contains a lot of acidic element in it and so it is great when it comes to reduce the dandruff flakes. One needs to mix the same amount of vinegar and water and then apply it on the scalp. Keep it there for half an hour and then use a regular shampoo to wash it away.

One can check for the best anti dandruff shampoo for men in India in any drug store and can also consult a dermatologist before using it.

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