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Efficient business plan and major attributes of an UberEats clone app

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Launching a successful food delivery business or developing an existing business in your region can now be achieved easily with a suitable business plan and an optimized food delivery app like UberEats clone. It is an affordable app solution that can be customized to fit your needs. This app will help you reach your users in a short period and establish your brand in the market. In this article, we will get to know about the business plan, features, and other food delivery app-related information. 

Effective business plan of an on-demand food delivery app

Business idea:

In the initial stage, as an entrepreneur, you should have a sellable business idea that will act as a strong foundation for your food delivery business. For a food delivery business, you have to decide on the basic business model of the app. Based on the model, other requirements can be fixed. 

Partnerships and menu:

If you choose to serve as a delivery platform with paid partnerships with other brands, then you have to fix a list of good and hygienic restaurants and team up with them. On the other hand, if you are developing an app for a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants, then you have to decide on a menu to be uploaded in the app. 

Hiring the best developers:

The next stage is where you find a suitable and experienced app development company in the market to build your delivery platform. Discuss with your team and ensure that the most advanced technologies and tools are used to build a robust app. Fix a set of features to be included in the app and make sure it complies with your business needs.

Identify target audience:

The next stage is to spot your audience and understand their interests and mindsets. Getting clarity about their choice will help you develop an app that will attract them and make them your loyal customers. Include features that will make them lean towards your app and make sure that the UI is appealing enough. 

Market research and analysis:

Up next, the business expert team you have hired should help you perform in-depth research on the market and its current scenario. Strategies that will help you market your product and reach your users quickly. You will also understand what will work in the market and how to develop your brand. 

Development cost:

The total cost of the app has to be decided at this stage. The cost depends on a few factors, such as the number of features, the number of app screens, UI design, and more. You can customize an affordable app solution and launch it for your food delivery business. 

UberEats clone- Vital app features

Online meetings

The food delivery app will have a fixed set of premium features that will make the app easy to use:

User app

Social media login:

Users/customers will be able to log in to the app with the help of any social media handles. 

Food items/categories:

There are several cuisines of food or categories from which users can choose a category of their choice. 

Adding to cart:

The food items that users pick can be added to the cart, and they can proceed to checkout after they have added all the items they need. 

Live location tracking:

Users will be able to track the location of delivery executives and get access to their contact details during an ongoing request. 

In-app chat:

With the help of the chat facility available in the app, users can get their queries or concerns resolved in no time. 

Secure payment methods:

The app will be integrated with multiple payment gateways that users can pay through for the delivery orders they place. 

Offers and discounts:

Users can redeem any offers or discounts provided to them for the requests they place. 

User referrals:

Existing customers can refer their friends and family, and upon new users joining, the existing users will get rewards and discounts. 

Restaurant owner app

Easy registration:

Restaurant owners can register with the app easily and update their menu to the app. 

Building a profile:

They can also build a profile for their restaurant or food outlet by specifying the necessary details. 

Accepting/rejecting orders:

Restaurants can accept orders from users based on the availability of the food items. 

Order status:

They can also track or update the status of the food delivery orders placed when required. 

Order preparation:

With the help of the chefs, they have to prepare the food items and hand it over to delivery executives. 

Delivery executive app

Login and approval:

Delivery executives have to sign up with the app and upload certain documents for verification purposes. 

Accepting/rejecting requests:

They can accept or reject food delivery orders based on a few predefined criteria or parameters. 

Access to information:

They can access the live location and contact details of users during an on-going request. 

Job history:

Delivery executives will be able to view their order history via the online app. 

Availability slider:

They will have an availability slide bar in the app using which they can display their status of availability. 

Admin panel

God’s eye view:

The admin can manage the entire process and get access to all user and app-related data. 

Sub-admin creation:

The admin can create multiple sub-admins when required and provide access to limited sections. 

Approval process:

Approving restaurants and food delivery executives should also be done by the admin after a proper screening process. 

Reports and analytics:

The admin or sub-admins can also view the analytics and reports based on earnings, user behavior, and more. 

Managing costs:

Setting the basic fee, delivery fee, distance fee, and more can be done by the admin via the powerful admin dashboard. 


The admin can team up with other brands and host their ads in the app and receive a fixed payment for it. 

Summing up

With the optimized business plan and set of features discussed in this article, you can build an optimized UberEats clone app for your food delivery venture. Get in touch with the best developers and launch an app right away. 

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