In Matlab, there are many phrases that must be executed by conditional conditions. If one phrase is correct, the result will be presented; All of this data is based on the decision-making method in Matlaba. This blog will provide you with information about the statement if it is published in Matlaba and what is the syntax of this statement. But before we go into detail, let’s get brief details about Matlab’s decision-making process.

What is decision making in Matlab?

Its structure requires that encoding contain one or more conditional words that are tested or executed by a programmer. If the specified condition is correct, it will be executed.

If Matlab’s work can be easily understood based on the scheme that describes it first, the program will be examined by the program, and then the decision-making process will be undertaken. If the statement is correct, it will go to conditional state, and if the statement is incorrect, you will go to another block of code, after which the result will be generated by Matlab. Now let’s check out some of the programming of this conditional statement.

What is if else statement in Matlab?

In the case of a false expression, the if statement always follows the else statement.

Matlab consists of three parts of the statement, which are the if statement, the if statement, the if statement.


if <wyrażenie>

   Statement% will be executed if the given bool expression is true

   <statement (s)>


   <statement (s)>

   Statement% will be executed if the given bool expression is false

The end

If the logical expression is executed as true, then the if statement block will be executed; if this is not the case, the else statement code block will be executed.

Example of if else in Matlab

Example 1:


b = 50;

% will now check the logical condition

if b <10

      %, if the specified condition is met, prints the following output

 fprintf (“b is less than 10 n”);


      %, if the specified condition is false, prints the following output

    fprintf (“b is not less than 10 n”);

   The end

   fprintf (“value b is:% d n”, b);


When you run the above-mentioned program, it will generate the result:

(b) is not less than 10

value b is: 100


This blog has provided all the relevant information about if else statement in Matlab with its syntax and examples. With the help of if else statement, one can easily solve complicated conditional issues. Besides this, one can use nested if operations to provide condition within the single condition. In this blog, expression involves several logical operation, such as ‘<’ (less than), ‘>’ (greater than), ‘> =’ (greater than equal to), ‘= =’ (equal to), ‘< =’ (less than equal to), ‘=!’ (not equal to), ‘&&’ (logical and), ‘||’ (logical or), and much more.If you have any issue regarding any Matlab assignments, then you can contact our experts who offer Matlab Programming Assignment Help to the students living all around the globe. We offer assignment with proper syntax and well-structured programming which is easy to implement as well as easy to understand. Our services are accessible 24/7 and offer at minimal prices.