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Email Marketing Platforms For Small Businesses and Beyond

What is Email Marketing?

Well, everybody knows what is Email Marketing. But do we know Email has a higher ROI than any other marketing channel? But, the main problem is how to choose the best Email Marketing Platforms?

Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing the best Email Marketing Platforms. So, let me guide you and recommend some.

Let’s get started-

1. ActiveCampaign:

Active Campaign is an email marketing platform that is very strong and focuses on Email Marketing/Marketing Automation. This tool has a great feature that goes beyond Email Marketing and Email Automation. Active Campaign offers automated Emails, A/B testing, Autoresponder, scheduling Email, etc.

Active Campaign offering special Email Marketing Automation to the small business owners to expand their businesses. They offer user accounts available for the dedicated team, live chat options, custom domain facility, CRM and Sales automation with many more.

2. Drip:

Drip has been communicating itself as an eCommerce solution based Email Marketing service provider. Without any doubt, they are one of the best Email Marketing platforms. Drip has a great feature like a split test within automation. They offer a visual email builder for big brands.

Even you are not the eCommerce site owner, Drip is great to deal for the money. that’s why it’s one best Email Marketing platform out there.

3. ADN Email: 

ADN Email offers pretty good packages for the entrepreneurs. Since the market and capturing the customer’s attention are becoming very competitive. Email Marketing can be the best possible option for your business or startup project.

Promoting your business or product with Email Marketing to build good relations with your audience. ADN Email offers a user-friendly gateway which will make things easy for you.

4. Get Response: 

Get Response offer Email Marketing Campaigns with high converting pages and software to help your marketing effort. With Get Response’s Email Marketing software you can drive lead generation campaign, product pitch Get response will serve you the most. They are optimizing the whole process for the users to send emails automatically.

Get Response has the greatest automation tools. Using these features you can create an advance Email Marketing campaign. Overall, it’s one of the best Email Marketing tools for the beginner.

Wrapping it up

Every Digital Marketer knows Email Marketing has a higher ROI than any other channel. It’s a very crucial decision for your business.  There are many Email Marketing Platform who offers all in one solution to power up your entire sales process.

Some of the Email Marketing Platform offers free trials option. Most of them won’t charge any money to trial their service. So, choose the Email Marketing platform wisely before finalizing the best one.


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