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Instagram is now the second most used social media platform after Facebook. Along with its visual form of communication, it holds a strong marketing potential for your brand. Marketers are taking their big step on to Instagram with their digital media marketing strategies.

Embedding an Instagram hashtag feed on your website is the best way to make the best out of this photo-sharing social media space.

It is not as complicated as it sounds!

Social media aggregators have made it easier to embed Instagram hashtag feed on a website. By doing this, you can take on the users to view their social media feed on your website, creating more user engagement. 

The reasons for which a brand should have an Instagram hashtag feed embedded in the website are clear. Now, we will see how can it be done and what is the process.

The Process of Embedding Instagram Hashtag feed

With every social media aggregator, it has a different yet easy procedure to configure the Instagram widget on the website. Let’s see how to embed Instagram hashtag feed on to the website with the leading social media aggregators in the segment.

1. Taggbox

Taggbox lets you conveniently embed Instagram hashtag feed into your website. They offer several social media aggregation service that benefits in improving your brand image and gets you more conversions. 

They design the widget to interact with the audience to engage them on the website and build trust with the UGC. They deliver a range of features to make an attractive ad dynamic Instagram wall. 


  • Impressive Themes


Taggbox offers a variety of creative themes and well-designed layouts that can light up your website. These themes allow you to customize the website while on special occasions. The interactive layouts serve optimal functionality to fulfil the purpose of your website. They give you custom themes to go along with your creative idea. 


  • Automated Moderation


If you are tired of doing moderations every time you need to change the configurations, Taggbox delivers an automatic filter to extract the content for the Instagram wall. The moderator filters out negative content based on the users, words, and tags, so that your website stays clean and fresh.


  • Convenient Control


Control and modify the content from anywhere with the cloud-based system. You can manage the content from a laptop or mobile phone quickly and conveniently.


  • Analytics


Keep track of the social wall and its performance with this feature. It helps you generate reports and improve your strategies to get more user engagement.



  • API Options


Taggbox offers API solutions to give you optimal control on design and content layout for the website. It lets you accurately integrate the Taggbox data on your apps.

Here is how you can embed Instagram hashtag feed using Taggbox.

  1. Sign up or log in to your Taggbox account. 
  2. While on Dashboard, click on the Wall Name.
  3. Open the Wall Editor, and then click on Feeds.
  4. As the menu drops down, click on Add Feeds to create a new social media feed.
  5. Choose the Instagram Business icon as the source of your feed.
  6. Now, you need to select HashTag, and then click on Create Feeds.
  7. You can either login directly or via Facebook for convenience.

Within a moment, the feed will appear in the wall editor and, you can moderate and customize the wall to complete the setup. Post-personalization, let’s see how to generate the widget embed code for the website.

  1. After creating the wall in the Wall Editor, click on Display.
  2. Select Embed In Websites, and click on the platform your website is built on
  3. Configure the Width, Height, and Height Type as per requirements
  4. Click on Get Code, and copy it to the clipboard.

As you paste the code, your website will get a refreshing look with the Instagram hashtag feed ready-to-roll.

2. SociableKIT 

The SociableKIT website plugin allows you to embed Instagram hashtag feed on the website effortlessly. They let you conveniently control the design and content with their upgraded features. Here is the step by step guide of how to get an Instagram feed for your website.

  1. Log in or create an account with SociableKIT.
  2. After logging in, click on + Create SociableKIT Solution.
  3. Then, select the custom hashtag for the Instagram feed.
  4. When the menu drops down, click on Instagram Hashtag Feed.
  5. Enter your Instagram hashtag, without the ‘#’ sign.
  6. Click Proceed and customize the feed as per your requirements.
  7. Select </> Get Embed Code, copy the code with the Copy Code button.
  8. Use the code to embed the Instagram feed on the website.

Within seconds, your website will get a fresh, new look with a cool Insta feed widget. 

3. Instagram Official Embedding

No wonder, Instagram offers to embed the hashtag feed on to websites with their minimal services. The app makes sure the embedded posts are responsive. It also helps in the automatic resizing of the embedded content. Instagram offers various embedding options for WordPress and developers.

 Let’s see how can we embed the feed on the website with Instagram itself.

  1. Go to the post which you need to embed into the website.
  2. Click on the post to expand it and click on the […] button.
  3. Then, select Embed.
  4. Copy the code and paste it on to your website.
  5. You can opt to show or hide the caption when the Embed button dialog appears.

The process of embedding the feed with the official widget of Instagram lets you select the posts one by one, causing complications and too many efforts, leading to a waste of time.

Make your decision wisely…

The generation of the internet has gifted you with digital media to let you interact with your customers and engage them more with your brand. Choose to be with the experts in the social media aggregating industry to make the best results with the hashtag feeds to be embedded into your website. 

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