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Stretching about an area of 8.25 sq km, with a population of 3.1 lakh, Andaman Nicobar Islands is a picturesque delightful destination with marine life embracing the tourism sector. Palm-lined beaches, yummy seafood, mangrove swamps, all swoons the travelers to enjoy this place. With the onset of different seasons, we can able to find variant types of tourists to explore this place. This explorer lore catapults, different tour operators provide versatile unique tour packages from different parts of India such as Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc. This propels a large migration of different cultured people to this isolated island. Thus the place now hosts a variety of festivals and feasts. The place helps crave simple moments which worth a lifetime. With still some of the islands remains hidden , uninhabited, the travelers enjoy what they got. Each island is unique in it’s character with different stories to unfold. Ross Island extracts the story of the colonial past where Neil island enchants you with it’s a scenic beauty.

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