If you are looking to buy a MacBook pro used version, there should be necessary testing to do before making the final choice.

A MacBook pro used one should be picked after thorough testing to confirm the legitimacy of the product.

The following tips should be kept in mind before buying.

1. How old is the item?
The age of the machine is not when the seller bought it and certainly not what are you being told. It is whatever Apple says it is. Macbooks are built-in generations, usually twice per year. Even though there is no new announcement or changes in price, you and your friend who bought the exact same Macbook only 10 months apart can have quite different machines.

MacBook pro used

You can check the age of the item yourself. It is an easy process with simple steps. Open the lid of the Macbook, press the Apple in the top-left corner and click “About this Mac”. From there a new window shows up which in newer machines shows the Serial Number, in older machines you have to double-click on the version number.

2. Ask for proof of purchase aka a receipt
This goes without saying but if you have bought something as pricey as a MacBook pro you tend to know where the receipt is. If bought online there is a digital copy stored on your account. When the seller “have lost it” you know something is up. A receipt is needed to keep the record for any further dealings. You can always show the receipt in case of any follow-up visits.

3. Battery Life

No battery lasts forever and as a matter of fact, laptop batteries, in general, are not very long-lasting. However, you can still check the effectivity of the battery in order to be sure that the product is worth buying.

A Lithium-Ion battery which is what Apple uses counts load cycles. The battery can take about 1000 load cycles with progressively worse performance. You can check the health and how many load cycles the battery has by holding option-key down while clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner and select System Information. In the new window choose “Power” and look for Cycle Count. You want this to be a value of less than 500. Over 500 load cycles and you will be experiencing a battery that quickly drains and before not too long will require a constant power cable. If you detect any issue in the battery, do not buy it. You can compromise on everything but not a battery. And a gadget with a malfunctioning battery is the real pain.

4. Functional Keys

Make sure all the keys are working fine. Progressively press each key on the keyboard. It is necessary to make sure something comes up on the screen at the same time you press the key. Also, it should have a solid “bump” as you press the key down since dirt under the keys can be very expensive to get out and shows extreme wear from the previous owner.

5. Choose an authentic dealer
Do thorough research, read reviews before selecting your dealer. There are many scams in the market and you don’t want to fall prey to any one of them.