Traveling during winter means that you cannot pack light. Especially for us women. That’s because of the additional bulk of jackets, scarves, shawls, sweaters, and whatnot. However, help is here! Whether you want to load your baggage with hoodies or shawls for women, there is a way to go about it. Let’s walk you through it all…


In my opinion, the most underrated accessory that protects us against the harsh cold is gloves. People usually invest in the wrong type. You should hunt for thin, breathable, and light gloves. If they are waterproof that’d be an added benefit. However, remember that the gloves you buy should be able to keep your hands warm. Otherwise, no need to WASTE your hard-earned money.

Smart travelers avoid investing in massive wool gloves. Instead, they purchase a light and low bulk gloves that also offer some kind of grip.


Why is it that most of us ignore certain parts of our bodies when it comes to protecting them from the cold? All you need to do is invest in a couple of warm hats that you think can go with many of your outfits.

The hat will be your companion wherever you go. Whether it is a walk to a famous breakfast place nearby or you are headed for a stroll in the park next to your hotel. The best part is that you can even wear it with your PJs. The hat adjusts itself according to the outfit. Hence, making every outfit look good.


Not sure if you’d agree, but shoes consume the most amount of space in the baggage. However, you cannot leave them behind either. What to do? You should invest in a pair or two of good and warm shoes. Believe me when I say that they will last you the whole holiday. But the prerequisite here is to purchase good quality shoes. Some of the features that you should look for when purchasing shoes for your vacation include:

  • Weatherproof
  • Dark Colored
  • Light on lacing


We all know that we cannot survive without sweaters in winters. However, assuming that you will be going on a vacation, you won’t have enough space to pack loads of them. You will have to be smart while deciding the number and the types of sweaters that you would like to carry. Personally, 3 to 4 sweaters would be enough. Try to pack warm and cozy sweaters; Wool or fleece are options you should consider. You do not necessarily have to carry solid colored sweaters. Experiment a bit when it comes to this piece of clothing.


Layering is a need during winters. You cannot just rely on sweaters alone unless you have invested in a good fleece sweater. However, there can be moments when that is not enough either. Because you do not want to ruin your vacation, you should go fully prepared. Do not risk anything.

To be on a safe side, carry one or two jackets with yourself as well. A leather jacket will be a perfect option. However, you can look for other options too. But I would recommend not carrying anything thin and/or unnecessary. You do not want to carry things just for the sake of fashion. That will just add to your luggage weight and troubles.


You would also need to cover your neck and keep it warm. That is in case you are not carrying enough turtlenecks or high necks. And for that purpose, you need to carry warm scarves with you. Do not carry a separate scarf for every outfit. Just invest in neutral-colored warm scarves and you are good to go.


It might seem funny to come across this suggestion. But carrying a skirt will help you break away from your monotonous clothing style that is all about jeans. You do not have to worry about skirts not going well with your whole winter look. They look very chic even when you wear them with tights and a chunky sweater.

If you ask me, you should not carry formal clothes with yourself. There is a lot of variety available of semi formal outfits for ladies. Pack a few such items. You can always purchase whatever pleases you while you are on vacation.