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Everything there is to Pier Cap Shuttering for Construction

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A pier is an upright support structure for the construction of superstructures such as a bridge or an arch. Sections of structural walls between bays (opening) can act as a pier. The simplest structure of the pier seen in most of the superstructure is square or rectangle, but other shapes are also common. In the medieval age of architecture, massive circular piers are common architectural elements in religious buildings, forts, bridges, and many more.

Similar to the piers, columns are upright support but stand on a round base. In architectural structures with the sequence of bays between every pier, each opening between consecutive piers is also considered as a single bay.

Specially adapted to extensive construction works, piers having widths of more than 1.8 meters have a depth of 30 meters below. The lower portions of the piers can be widened to distribute the downward pressure exerted by massive overlying structures efficiently.

 Applications of pier caps:

The general use of pier caps is to provide support against the lateral pressure applied by the structure on the pier, making it versatile in many architectural structures such as bridges, boundaries, chimneys, and so on. Pier caps can also be decorative such as standard (weathered four ways with straight sides), classic, molded (weathered four ways on top with molded-to-straight detail bottom half), heritage (weathered four ways on top with curved to straight detail bottom half and an extra detail on the bottom edge), swept, ball finial pier caps, and customizable.

Pier cap shuttering in bridges:

 A multi-span bridge requires piers to support its end spans. In cold climates, the upstream edge of the pier may include stark water (supportive bulk around the piers) to prevent the accumulation of broken ice.  The Caisson methods often install piers for bridges. Caisson is a hollow box-like structure that is placed down through the water and then through the ground.

Renting pier caps shuttering for construction works:

Local contractor groups or manufacturing groups can easily rent pier caps shuttering materials. As the shuttering is the temporary part of any construction, it is cheap to rent the required shuttering rather than making new ones. For example, in India, pier cap shuttering can be rented from companies like Maruti Steel Fab, ULMA constructions, IndiaMart (online), Thakur and Son’s manufacturing, and many more.

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