Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery has been continuously rising, but Breast Implant Surgery is the most popular procedure almost in every country. Many women are facing issues regarding their appearance so that they all are putting up a lot of questions regarding Breast Augmentation Surgery. Both Breast Implant and Breast Augmentation Surgery are the same. So I am assembling all the important questions one by one in this blog. If you are also looking for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi, read this blog until the end.


Breast Augmentation Surgery refers to the surgical procedure of breast enhancement. Generally, Breast Augmentation Surgery is performed to enhance the overall shape, size, and texture of the breasts. Traditionally, this surgery is done with the help of implants only in order to enhance the shape of the breasts.

Medical advancements and simplifications simplified this procedure to the extent where Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon are even enhance the shape by fat transfer. Yes, the surgeon can transfer the body fat into the breasts to increase the size and enhance the shape.


  1. A. The primary reason is very clear to all, for breast enhancement.
  2. B. Women can opt for this procedure to enhance the shape of asymmetrical breasts.
  3. C. When women notice a significant amount of weight loss due to a strict diet or post-pregnancy then they can also opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery.
  4. D. In order to create better posture and more balance to the body, women can opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery.


Generally, there are many types of implants available in overall the world. But in India, generally, Silicone Implants are available which are mostly preferred by surgeons all over the world.

Silicone Implants are made up of special gel-like substance. They are immovable. Silicone Implants are completely safe for the surgery and reconstruct the breast shape efficiently. Implants are available in different sizes so that ultimately the decision on which implant to use for patients will consider as per the patient’s personal preference.


As Silicone implants are widely used in India, the FDA allows patients after the age of 18 or older are eligible for the procedure.

But, Ideal candidates are:

  1. Non-smokers
  2. Patient’s consent should be there with realistic expectations
  3. The patient who is a healthy and stable weight


There are no particular complications of the surgery but there are some potential risks to be aware of such as:

  1. Infection during the surgery: In order to avoid any kind of infection, it is suggested to every patient to disclose the allergic reaction if any happen before to the surgeon.
  2. Pain: See, during the surgery, the anesthesia made the surgery procedure pain free. But there will be a mild-pain after surgery and it is quite normal for a few days. Medicines prescribed by the surgeon give rest from the pain.
  3. Scar or Bruising: Bruising is very normal after the surgery, it will subside within a few months of surgery.

Consult with the surgeon regarding all these risks or preparation before the surgery will help till the great extent to deal with all.


Surgeon and their consultants will definitely give you a specific list of instructions to follow, but in general:

  1. No smoking for at least a week prior to surgery.
  2. Restrict alcohol intake for at least a week prior to surgery.
  3. Dress up with loose clothes post-surgery.
  4. Ask someone to accompany who will take back home post-surgery


The recovery period is very simple. Generally, the patient should take rest at least 10 days post-surgery. However, international patients can travel back after 7-8 days of surgery.


Only board-certified plastic and cosmetic are allowed to do Breast Augmentation Surgery. Any doctor, dermatologist other than that is not allowed to do any kind of breast surgery because they are not licensed to it.


Always build up well health such as controlled blood pressure during surgery day in order to restrict blood loss.


No, there is no insurance designed particularly for the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries as these surgeries are innovated for body contouring and body reshaping.


A Balanced and Proper Posture

B Surgery motivates at the best

C Better Appearance

I hope all the above facts are definitely very helpful for all the patients who are looking for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi.

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