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SR-22 Insurance is delivered to drivers of the United States either by a judge or the state bureau. It is a certificate that the drivers have to carry in the USA due to some adverse reasons such as drunken driving, reckless driving or car accident. Other circumstances when you might need this certification are during the absence of proper car insurance and while carrying a suspended license.

Majorly, the repeat offenders of the traffic rule violation and drunken driving need to carry an SR-22 certification. However, it is just a certification; the SR-22 insurance in California is considered as car insurance.

Need of SR-22

You will be informed by the Department of Motor Vehicles of your state with a letter or mail if it becomes necessary for you to take SR-22 insurance. The DMV might mail you regarding the SR-22 insurance if you do not have adequate car insurance or not having it at all.

In the case of SR-22 insurance enforcement, you can get a clear order from the judge during the court proceeding. You can face the court proceedings if you get arrested by the police for a traffic rule violation or an accident.

Who Provides SR-22

If you need SR-22 insurance in California, call the auto insurance company straight away. Not all auto insurance companies in the USA can provide SR-22 forms. So, you need to call up a company that can really help you. Many companies can upload the SR-22 form online, thus making the filing process quick. Do not forget to check if it can be uploaded by mail from the state of California.


Cost of SR-22

In California, the cost of SR-22 insurance is hefty like that of the other states. Normal car insurance can cost approximately around $1900. If you come under the jurisdiction of SR-22, you might need to pay $843 more. This is typically charged as you are considered as a high-risk driver by the law of California.


You can search for insurance companies that can provide you with the cheapest structure of the SR-22 insurance filing. Most of the providers deliver competitive quotes when it comes to SR-22 documentation. However, the law of California never allows auto insurance companies to provide massive discounts on SR-22 insurance as it is related to traffic crimes. Thus, you must consider a 20% discount as a decent cut-off. It is a fact that the cost of SR-22 insurance for different states is variable in the USA. So, you need to have a clear idea about the costs of taking it.


Apart from the SR-22 insurance, you can put up a sum of $35,000 to the DMV as a security bond. Nevertheless, most people choose to take SR-22 insurance in California because it is a more convenient and cheap process. Moreover, the providers can place your filing immediately as you can get out of the law trap easily. Make sure you consider a heavy upfront fee while going in the SR-22 insurance.


The best way to avoid getting into the SR-22 trap is by driving sensually. You must always make sure to be careful on the road while driving in the USA. Never forget to carry the necessary papers like the insurance certificate and the driver’s license while driving. One major thing that you must practice is giving up DUI. Apart from drinking, refrain from driving if you are intoxicated with drugs. The traffic laws in California are quite strict, and you might end up in jail apart from getting into the burden of SR-22 insurance.

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