Andaman Nicobar Islands is a world-famous tourist hub of water activities. The beach babies love this place at it’s utmost. The real beauty of the place lies under the deep sea. The alluring corals and reefs are worth enjoying and watching. The place offers a variety of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, etc. Scuba diving is the way to explore the deep sea with closely watching the corals. In snorkeling the closer view of corals is not possible. The diver will stay closer to the surface. In sea walking, the tourists can walk through the sea bed. They can reach 7 meters deep down in the sea. These water activities will keep the diver’s body wet. But the activities like Dolphin glass bottom will help the travelers to get a close view of the marine marvels. Activities like paragliding, trekking also fall under categories of adventure activities. Enjoy the place with adventure tour packages.