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Persian Cat for sale

Once you have decided to bring a Persian cat home, you need to have complete knowledge of their personality, traits, food habits and much more. Since these are one of the most demanding and long-haired breeds they need more attention than any other breeds available in the market.

Persian cat requires attention from the very first day. Their long luscious fur and the doll like face require huge maintenance; otherwise, several issues can show up and eventually leading to snatching their loveable appearance. Hopefully today we will be able to encompass most of the sections in order to help you maintain your cat in the best possible manner. Also, if you are looking for a breeder, check with Mummy Cat to buy Persian Cat Online Hyderabad.

You don’t have to think about the first twelve weeks, as the breeders will handle the cat after they have completed 12 weeks. This is because it is said that cats stay healthy when they feed on their mother’s milk for the first 12 weeks and hence make sure you don’t take away from their mothers.

Give your kitten time to recover:

You need to be very easy on them and hence make sure to give them some time to recover from the detachment with their mother. You need to be very compassionate as those tiny paws just left their mom, dad and siblings and probably some of the friends. This is why you need to make them feel comfortable as much as you can. Once they are home, make their place ready, as they would need a long nap. Then with every passing day, they will become accustomed. They would need proper meals and regular sleep, just like any other babies.

The first thing that you need to do being a responsible owner is to create a small area where they can stay. Smaller areas make them feel cozy and make them feel like their home. Make sure you don’t miss even a day supervising their health and skin. The very first thing you need to train is making then learn about their cat box and going to the litter box on their own.


Do not try experimenting on this little paw, as it is too small to react, therefore make sure you follow the same diet as the breeder. Most of the breeders will send you with samples or might provide with small amount of their feed. Try to stay on their diet before they become healthy enough to adopt to the changes in diet.

If you are ready to switch, make sure you do it gradually as the new feed might not suit them at the very first place. Try giving most of their daily diet and a little bit of your chosen diet and then gradually increase the amount. This will make their digestive system get accustomed to the new diet and will not cause any health damage.

You can buy Persian Cat Online Hyderabad from Mummy Cat, and they will provide with complete guidance of their food habits.

Food bowls:

When you are in search of the cat feed bowls, you need to know their face structure. Shallow bowls are mostly preferred by this breed as they have a flat face. In case it’s deep, the cat will not be able to reach and will end up messing the food. Moreover, as this will result in rubbing the whiskers, this might annoy them and make them stay away from feeding.


Fresh water is a must for any pet, whether it is a kitten or a dog that you have in your house.

In case the kitten you have bought is a male, you need to make double sure that they drink more water. The reason is that since having less water might result in developing crystals in their urinary tract. In case the crystals are too big, they might not be able to pass them to their system and can result in a mess.

Avoid plastic and serve water is a glass bowl. Plastic increases the chance to develop ulcers in their mouth and other allergic reactions.


The thumb rule is in cat box should be provided for each cat. In case there is more than one cat in your house, try adding more bowls.

This is primarily recommended to use products with low fragrance and low dust. This will result in no scoopable. Scoopable litters have the chances to get stick to their feet, which they can ingest while trying to clean it.

Persian cats mostly prefer large sized pans and therefore consider the size prior to buying a litter box for your Persian cat.

Teeth care:

Brushing might sound crazy, but nothing more you can do when it is about taking care of their teeth.

As per the “National Centre for Biotechnology Information” 705 of the domestic cats that are over two years and 85% of the aged mostly suffer from different types of oral diseases. Not only this affects their dental health but also becomes a reason for skipping their meals; this again results in lowering the immune system of the kitten, thereby becoming sensitive to different type of diseases.

This is the reason why brushing their teeth each and every day is necessity primarily, it might resist, but slowly they will get habituated.

Eye care: 

As they have a very flat face, they mostly suffer from common eye problems. This again becomes a reason for runny eyes and stain in their fur. Hence nothing but grooming their eyes is a necessity for the owners as soon as the kitten becomes a bit old to become a part of the daily care routine.

In order to avoid stains, you require wiping under their eyes by making use of a cotton wool along with warm water. This will make sure that there are hard particles building up and resulting in other eye problems.

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When it is about taking care of their long hairs, you certainly need to take extra care of them. Make sure you bathe once in a month making use of cat shampoo. Also don’t forget to use the anti-flea shampoo available in the market, as it will prevent building up of foreign things in their long fur.

Besides, combing daily is a necessity to maintain their shine. Make use of soft bristles and comb daily to avoid the formation of tangles.

Bottom Line: Persian cats are one of the most demanding cats, and they require the most attention when it comes to taking care of them. Hopefully, the above-mentioned points will become helpful for the new owners in finding ways to maintain their cats. If you are looking for one, now you can Persian Kittens for Sale in Bangalore offered by Mummy Cat.

So just buy these cute paws and enjoy your life with their irresistible personality.

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