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Goral Gandhi

With assisted reproduction technology, the focus has entirely shifted to improve the results. When patients opt for assisted reproductive treatments, finding a reputable fertility lab is the most crucial step. IVF is a time-consuming process but the most effective one, being a substantial alternative to natural reproduction IVF works on a strict timeline and majorly depends on the lab personnel and experts who work in it.

Currently, thousands of women are opting for egg freezing and IVF – both practice and research in embryology has put patients in charge of their future instead of letting time dictate the path. The lab which is often an invisible factor deeply affects the IVF treatment while making the choice of the fertility clinic, and the skills of an embryologist are critically important.

Goral Gandhi, a senior clinical embryologist, has been a prominent specialist in providing infertility services to patients all around the world. Discussing about the advancements in the field has made the role of fertility labs more prominent, Dr. Goral Gandhi points out it is crucial to choose certified lab which follows the practices and ethics prescribed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Dr. Goral Gandhi talking about the working behind the scenes and how important are embryologists to the entire process of IVF said,

“Embryologists work in a laboratory setting, doing the main work of collecting eggs and semen samples, assessing and fertilizing theses gametes, creating embryos, and other very detailed procedures. As every stage in IVF requires detailed and accurate inputs, embryologists need to show remarkable coordination during the entire treatment process.”

The artificial techniques of planning parenthood is a crucial task. The working of clinical embryologist requires extensively trained professionals with credible experience in the field. Dr. Goral Gandhi suggests that up-to date lab processes and lab protocols help in yielding impactful results. Talking about the role of qualified professionals, Goral Gandhi said.

“These qualified professionals are in charge of the routine maintenance of the fertility laboratory and patient material handling and processing for IUI, IVF and ICSI, embryo culture, embryo freezing, egg freezing, genetic analyses and PGD, among other related tasks. These also include a strict and exhaustive record of the procedures for safety purposes.”

Having trained more than 300 embryologists who now practice independently, Goral Gandhi is developing new methodologies and imparts education in the field of embryology to professionals, increasing their knowledge and technical skills to perform ART-related procedures. She believes that the role of embryologist begins during the diagnosis and remains crucial as they perform the process of egg retrieval, ICSI, embryo biopsy and vitrification and embryo transfer.

The success ratio of IVF depends on different aspects, but the most important one is, having more better-trained and experienced embryologists.

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