Bordered by the magnificent Western Ghats, the south-western tip of India, Kerala, is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Coconut trees swaying in rhythm with the breeze, lush green hill ranges towering up to reach the skies, pristine backwaters with ripples so fine, buildings that pave the way to the days of yore where colonialism had struck the land and beaches with sands that shine golden besides the sparkling water of the sea, all these together are rare sights to an outsider but to the natives of ‘God’s own Country’, it is just as common as anything else. The eco-tourism initiatives taken by the authorities of Kerala is commendable. Such an initiative has brought Kerala to the world map. The tourism industry of Kerala keeps growing at a rate of 13.31% and is contributing a lot to the state’s income. Tourists come pouring into the little state every year to enjoy their holiday in the lap of Nature. It’s not just destinations that have been attracting tourists but also the culture, traditions and food of the state. The unique festivals and the manner of celebration have also taken tourism to new heights in the state. The cuisine of Kerala that is so flavourful with different sorts of dishes ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian ones is prepared using the simplest of ingredients. Every dish creates a burst of flavours in the mouth! Such is the magic of the irresistible food of Kerala. The whole state is a wonderful package that keeps the tourists engaged in the most amusing way! On your next vacation, do make it a point to visit this serene state blessed abundantly by Nature. Moreover, travel planners like GoGeo Holidays have designed various tour packages for family to Kerala at great prices. Avail your package and enjoy your holidays without any travel hassles.