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Are you a Mac user and facing problem to export contacts from Excel to PDF? Well, you don’t need to worry about it because we are here to resolve all your queries. In this blog, we are going to introduce you a reliable solution to export Excel to PDF on Mac within easy steps. So, keep reading this article till the end and know more about the automated solution for the Excel contacts to PDF conversion.

Why Choose PDF Over the Excel Sheet

Excel The reason behind to export all sheets from Excel to PDF is that it makes easy for the users to read and edit the spreadsheet. Also, it becomes easy to share a PDF file through emails. In today’s time, users preferred communication through emails, ranging from home-based mobile users to business computer users. Also, PDF is a portable and password protected file format.

There are mainly two approaches to print Excel data to PDF format on Mac. In the upcoming section, we will discuss both of them:

Method 1: Export Mac Excel Contacts to PDF – An Automated Solution

SysTools Mac Excel Contacts Converter is an expert and reliable solution to export Excel to PDF on Mac OS. This software will help you to export all sheets from Excel to PDF format at once without losing formatting. It allows mapping the entire Excel column to the PDF column respectively. After the conversion, users can open the converted files into Word, Adobe Reader, and many more. Moreover, the tool has various advanced features, some of them are mentioned below. Have a look:

Convenient Feature of the Software

  1. The tool provides the Add File(s) option to add one or multiple Excel files at once. It will export all of them to PDF in a single go without any error.

  2. It is capable enough to convert unlimited Excel files to PDF format with its entire formatting.

  3. The software allows you to create a single PDF file from each added Excel file.

  4. The utility provides you the automatic and manual mapping option. In the case of creating a PDF file, you can export Excel with or without column mapping.

  5. The tool supports all Mac OS versions such as Mac OS X 10.8, Mac OS X 10.9, Mac OS X 10.10, and the above latest versions of Mac OS to convert Excel contacts.

  6. The software has a free trail version to export Mac Excel contacts to PDF. The demo version transfer only 10 contacts per each Excel sheet.

Steps to Export Excel to PDF on Mac: Easy Steps

Five easy steps to export multiple Excel files to PDF quickly.

Step 1: Download the software


Step 2: Then, click on the Add File(s) option to add one or multiple Excel contacts


Step 3: Now, choose PDF format from Select Type sections

choose PDF format

Step 4: Then, press the Change button to select the destination path

click to change button

Step 5: Finally, tap to the Export button to export all sheets from Excel to PDF

export button

Note: You can also click on the Create Single PDF Per File to generate a single PDF for each added Excel file.

Method 2: Export Mac Excel contacts to PDF Format – Manually

There is also a manual method, which effectively convert a few no of Excel file to PDF format. In the below section, a step-by-step process is discussed.

  1. Run Excel application on your Mac system

  2. Then, go to the File Menu and click on the Save as button

  3. Now, tap the File Format button and choose PDF format

  4. At last, hit on the Save button to create PDF file from Excel file

The manual method has some limitations:

  • It is a time taking consuming procedure

  • You can’t convert multiple Excel file to PDF at once

  • The native process is not safe and secure

  • There is no guarantee of data loss

After considering all these limitations, we would like to suggest you the above mentioned third-party approach to export all sheets from Excel to PDF format.

Time to Wrap Up

In this blog, we have mentioned two methods. The conversion of the XLS / XLSX file format of Excel contacts into PDF on Mac can be a tricky task for the novice user. But, with an appropriate approach, it becomes easy. The software is useful for batch export Excel to PDF on Mac with a single operation.

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