In this global pandemic, every other person has to find gaming the interesting pass time to remain connected with everyone and kill boredom. There are a lot of popular games, which have reached maximum downloads and are still getting a huge response to date. But, there is the latest news trending everywhere that might increase your interest to a great extent – launching a new gaming app.  Yes, you have heard it right. The biggest social media giant, Facebook, has decided to give the users another dedicated platform to enjoy safely at home.

Before starting to download the app and kill your boredom instantly, here are some interesting facts you should know about the gaming app.

Facebook’s Dedicated Gaming App Can Be A Big Revolution In 2020

So, Mark Zuckerberg announced the news about the new release to the New York Times, which had already built interest in the users along before. Facebook is always big-time support for every user in almost every situation. This time, the social media giant intended to bring a revolution that is worth giving a try.

During the “stay safe, stay at home” situation, people around the world have invested their time in gaming apps along with handling office work and house chores. We can’t find any age limit or gender-specific interest because everyone is on the same boat.

The statement definitely holds the truth that during the global pandemic, video games are surging in popularity. That’s why Facebook planned to launch a new gaming app on which the users can see the gameplay live.

Facebook Gaming App 2020

The social media giant is aware of the entertainment we all need in this stressful time. The main reason behind the launch is to provide a limitless gaming platform where the users can enjoy video games without any hassle.

Are you feeling goosebumps and want to get your hands on the app as soon as possible? If you are reading this article in the future (after the gaming app is released), then you must have already downloaded it. But, if you are still a big-time lazy in trying out a new application, then this is the chance you should not miss.

Interesting Facts About Facebook’s Gaming App

I have been talking all general till now. Let us begin by exploring some interesting facts that might excite you even more.  According to the platform-usage data, Facebook mentions having invested more than 700 million on the idea. It is not shocking for them to know, but definitely, we can notice the trend that 2.5 billion monthly users are already engaged with its gaming content.

Next comes its design. As Facebook is always into a user-friendly and engaging design, the application turns out to be the same. It is specially created for watching the gameplay. So, you don’t have to worry about its ergonomics and style like other gaming apps.

Just like we see many custom made logos, the new gaming app has quite a different logo design. I thought it would have the same “F” alphabet and its unique style. This time, the logo is a maze-type and having some color theme but with a modern touch. The inspiration for this logo design is right for every one of us.

If we talk about the services, then you must think of the big names that will add real entertainment in the gameplay. Facebook has a handshake with the biggest online sector. It achieved services from battling Amazon’s Twitch, Microsoft’s Mixer, and Google’s YouTube services.  Mark Zuckerberg had no plans to launch the gaming app this early. It is all with the growing interest of the users and seeking for entertainment during the coronavirus outbreak.

We can call this a blessing for us or a challenge for the team to give the users a reason to stay at home easily.  So, now you must be thinking about which games can be great entertainment for you. Well, the gaming app is said to include casual games having community-level functions and other gameplays that can be watched via game live streaming.
It provides interesting features for the users of every interest. You can either use streamers or Go Live feature for streaming mobile games through the Facebook app. It is not only specific to the gaming app but other than that too.

Final Thoughts

Let me call all the gaming freaks at this platform to embrace the new technology and entertain themselves in the pandemic. Facebook has already launched several features in the past, which are worth using. This time is something different.  With the new gaming app, you get to watch popular games live without any hassle. Other than this, play instant games at any time to kill boredom during the stay at home period. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and will explore the gaming app yourself.