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Facts Which Make Your Journey With Bridging Visa B Simplified

The bridging visa is a temporary visa for individuals who want to leave Australia for a specific time while his/her request for a new substantive visa is being prepared. With a bridging visa b subclass 020, you can leave Australia and return while your new substantive visa is being prepared. Substantive visa means any type of visa that permits you to stay temporary in Australia.

If you want to leave Australia with a specific reason then you need to apply for a bridging visa B. For this you need to attach the bridging visa B no more than three months in advance. You need to provide a strong explanation to visit outside Australia. Until your substantive visa request is finally observed, you can stay in Australia’s legality. The main advantage of this subclass 020 is that you can stay and work in Australia temporarily. Once you attach your bridging visa B application then you can’t extend or change your visiting time. In this case, you need to apply for another bridging visa b if you want to travel again. You need to pay AUD145 for bridging visa B (BVB) Subclass 020.

As usually, the processing time of Visa Subclass 020 is 24 hours but something it may take seven days. The bridging visa B Subclass 020 allows you to work anywhere in Australia without any restrictions. You can select ‘Single entry ‘ BVB or ‘Multiple entry’ BVB if you want to leave or return to Australia. you can leave and return to Australia at a single time with the Single entry BVB and you can leave and return to Australia multiple times with the multiple entry BVB.

You can hold a substantive visa and BVB together. You can include your family members in this application if you and your family members apply for a substantive visa at the same time. For this, your family member and you have to finish one application form.

Eligibility for Bridging Visa B

  • If you have a bridging visa A

  • you can apply for this visa if your last visa has expired and you are waiting for a new visa.

  • If you are ready for a substantive visa to be processed.

  • If you have a reason to leave and return to Australia.

  • You need to provide evidence to show your English proficiency. This means you need to provide proof of your English language ability.

  • You need to be in Australia.

  • There is no age limit to apply bridging visa B

  • You need to fulfil the character requirement

  • You need to provide the health insurance

  • You must have BVA or BVB

  • You must have requested to administrative appeals tribunal of a judgment on a visa cancellation or refusal.

The process to apply for Bridging Visa B (BVB) Subclass 020:

Step 1) You need to check your passport is valid or not. If yes then follow the second step.

Step 2) Collect your all documents.

Step 3) Request for the visa online. You must be in Australia while you apply for bridging visa B (BVB) subclass 020.

Advantages of Bridging Visa B (BVB) Subclass 020:

  • This visa permits you to live in Australia while your substantive visa request is processed.

  • You can leave and return to Australia for single or multiple time

Your Bridging Visa B (BVB) Subclass 020 will end according to the following conditions:

  • If you will receive a new substantive visa.

  • If you will receive another bridging visa B (BVB).

  • if you are not available in Australia when the bridging visa B (BVB) Subclass 020 visiting time ends.

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