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When you travel without adequate travel insurance coverage, there are sure chances of facing financial losses. So, you shouldn’t travel without getting travel insurance as there are many things that can go out of hand while traveling. For instance, you may have to cancel your flight or medical emergencies can arise or your luggage and documents may get stolen.

Buying Travel Insurance covers many risks and reimburses the insured for loss occurred due to unforeseen events during the trip. Travel experts, insurance experts & enthusiasts suggest travelers get travel insurance while traveling abroad or within the country. There are a number of insurance plans available online to choose from, therefore you should go through finer details before selecting a policy.

Here are some facts about travel insurance you must consider before buying one online:

Coverage & Exclusions

While all plans may look similar, but different insurance plans offer different coverage which makes a huge difference. Generally, travel insurance offers compensation for flight cancellations or delays, loss of luggage and important documents, medical emergencies, etc.

Some insurance plans offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and in some disabilities or accidental death is not covered.

Travel Insurance Master

Time Span Coverage

Travel Insurance offers the convenience of choosing a plan based on your trip duration. You can select from an annual trip plan if you’re a frequent traveler or a single trip travel insurance plan. Make sure to check the number of days overseas will be covered in your plan.

There are certain plans that enable you to extend the plan in case the trip duration got extended for whatever reasons. Choosing coverage with this feature can help you in saving premiums.

Extent of Coverage

There are three distinct travel insurance categories you can choose from Comprehensive Plans, Travel Medical Plans, and Specialty Plans. Choose an insurance plan depending on the extent of coverage you need while traveling.

Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Plans are the plans with Trip Cancellation & Travel Medical Options. These plans provide the most coverage & happen to be the most expensive plan among the three.

Travel Medical Plans

Travel Medical Plans provide coverage in the event of an illness or injury while traveling. This plan offers coverage above & beyond your regular health provider, but doesn’t always include trip cancellation cover.

Travel Insurance Master
Travel Insurance Master

Specialty Plans

Travel Plans with specialty coverage such as Accidental Death or Dismemberment may include evacuation coverage. The plans might include trip cancellation and medical coverage.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Some Travel Insurance companies give you coverage with pre-existing medical conditions. But in this case, the insured is necessary to inform the pre-existing medical conditions while buying online travel insurance. You should always disclose all the details related to health at the buying stage to avoid any type of hassle in the long run.

Make Sure you have 24/7 Contact Availability in Plan 

One more thing to look for when choosing a travel insurance policy is that you have telephone access to your insurance provider 24/7 should you have an emergency while abroad.

Look for Cancel for any reason in the plan

This coverage is not sold alone but is offered as a part of some comprehensive travel insurance plans. Cancel for any Reason allows you to recoup the non-refundable payments and deposits you have made, regardless of what was your reason for canceling.

Final Notes

It is not safe to travel without getting Travel Insurance while you’re traveling to places within the country or overseas. It has to be first on your checklist while planning a trip abroad. It proves to be a friend that helps you bridge language barriers or geographical constraints by offering full support to make your trip safe & cheerful. It acts as a protection against the risk of incurring unforeseen medical expenses. It also safeguards against other travel-related emergencies, financial risks & losses like -losing a passport or baggage, flight cancellations, and emergency accommodation that could spoil your trip.

Travel Insurance Master is an ideal option if you’re looking for travel insurance assistance to avail the best travel insurance plan for your trip. It is the best travel insurance provider that offers travel insurance packages & tourist health insurance coverage.

Travel Insurance Master is a go-to source for all your travel insurance needs. The company diligently selects travel insurance providers to present people with the best travel insurance policies & features any travel insurance can offer. They bring the use of the best technology available to ensure that you have access to all the information to make a decision about which insurance company to choose & best for your needs.  The company maintains a user-friendly interface and is fully transparent about their services.

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