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7 Items That Every Girl Must Have This 2020

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2020 is once again a very interesting year for most Filipinos. OOTDs and special outfits are still something that everybody is thinking of. Fashion, though secondary to some people, will forever be at the top of what we will think of.

That being said, it’s only natural to have a plethora of outfits such as a filipiniana gown for you to use and here are some of our pics of outfits that you should have in your cabinet for the rest of 2020!



These are knee-length trousers. They are cut in a way that resembles a skirt. It used to be referred to as a split skirt. They are usually loose and very comfy, perfect for the summer heat! They are best paired with a monochromatic outfit, so you’ll look taller.

At the same time, wearing heels brings out the appeal of culottes even more. Lastly, culottes are perfect for experimenting! So, you can pair it with many a thing such as simple button-up t-shirts or dresses!


Voluminous Tops

Voluminous tops are best paired with a tight-fitting bottom that emphasizes your shape. Some of which include pencil skirts, high-waisted straight skirts, and skinny jeans. NEVER pair a voluminous top with a voluminous bottom. You’ll just end up looking like a baggy hobo.

Find a balance between a voluminous piece with something more fitted to show of that figure. You could also consider some lightweight fabrics that drape well to highlight your assets even more!


Double Denim

Doubling down on denim is known as the Canadian tuxedo and it’s just very chic when you pull it off. You could experiment with its different shades. The great thing about Denim is that it’s almost impossible to find a bad combination!

You should also keep in mind that lighter shades of denim draw more attention to the body parts they cover. While darker shades create this kind of slimming effect!

Of course, it’s a great idea to pair distressed denim with any other kind of denim clothing! It adds another bit of flair to the already otherwise amazing clothing choice!

Modern Traditional

This is something new yet extremely amazing when pulled off. The modern traditional style of clothing isn’t as mainstream as most clothes, but they’re surely going to make a splash when you show up in a meeting or a party in one.

Not only does it look good, but it also showcases a different side to the traditional cultural clothing. For example, a modernized filipiniana gown will almost automatically turn heads when it’s pulled off correctly!

Modern traditional clothing is very experimental—that is, it can be paired with almost anything as long as it doesn’t counteract the fierce and culturally apt clothing line. We personally suggest pairing it up with some form-fitting jeans.

Utility Bags

Nowadays, it’s not all about the ‘It’ bags, but more on mobility, practicality, and convenience. All of which can be found in a simple yet stylish utility bag.

The best part about utility bags is that it’s not just about those tiny bags that can only fit half your phone. No, it’s all about those bags you see a few dads have on their shoulders, across their chest. They can fit so much, are very secure, and are just overall a great accessory to wear.

Plain White Ts

Wearing a plain white T-shirt is still as good as ever. It’s a universal choice that will go with almost anything. Be it some skinny jeans, or skater skirt, it will almost always be a good choice!

It matches with everything. Be it a form-fitting shirt, or a baggy sweater. White goes with anything and it is one of the best, and easiest things to play around with!

Natural Toned Colors

Moving into 2020 has been a wild ride. For fashion, however, it’s all about sophisticated and nature influenced tones. Clothes of subdued and melancholic colors are all the rage now as the fashion industry will return to using colors from natural treatment processes like indigo.

You’ll find more clothes resembling the colors that you would usually find in Renaissance paintings. That would be lovely for a lot of people!

Key Takeaway

There’s a lot of things that every girl should have. When it comes to fashion, there’s just so much more to think about right now. In this article, we detailed some of the many different kinds of clothes and accessories that you can wear to glamor up your style.

Check out our suggestions for what we think you should have to wear for the rest of 2020! These will surely up you’re a-game and OOTD shots for months! Who knows? It might even spill over to 2021! Enjoy the year and be ready for all the rest of the year!

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