Best Facebook Email Extractor FBCandy Reviews

FbCandy Is the best email extractor at this moment. There are many Facebook email extractor have but fbcandy/mailbiz is the best for some good features. FbCandy Now Mailbiz  and the features fbcandy and mailbiz are almost same.

fb candy email extractor

Fbcandy/Mailbiz Features

  • Website Email Extractor: Extracts Emails from different websites on the Internet
  • Fanpage Email Extractor: Extracts Emails from Facebook Fanpages
  • Facebook Leads Extractor: Extracts Emails from Facebook Groups (Public Groups or Groups where you are added)
  • Facebook Email Extractor: Extracts Emails from Facebook Friends list
  • Social Email Extractor: Extracts Emails from Facebook (relates to different subjects and interests)
  • Facebook Phone Extractor: Extracts phone number from Facebook accounts
  • Facebook Email Scrape: Extracts Emails from the “Friends of Friends” list of your Facebook
  • Searching Fanpages by Keywords
  • Searching Groups by Keywords
  • Advanced Search on Facebook
  • Content Search
  • Pose & Schedule

Best Facebook Email Extractor -Extract email from facebook groups ,Page and more

How Fbcandy/Mailbiz can help us

  • Getting Emails of thousands of members on the topnotch Digital; Marketing Forum &Marketplace! Incredible chance to promote money-making as an Affiliate marketer by online products from ClickBank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus -> MONEY once more!
  • Extracting Emails of all the Merchants, Entrepreneur and Businessmen only with Log I or Sign Up! Great opportunity to promote hundreds of LOANs CPA Offers from Peerfly or Maxbounty -> MONEY!
  • Acquiring Emails of people who want to lose weight and gain fitness! Promote Fitness and Health -> MONEY and MONEY!
  • FBEcom 2.0: FBEcom 1.0 + Big Database Updated= Get updates of each and every trending products.
  • Achieving Emails of hundreds of targeted Facebook Groups! Great way to sell whatever you want! Import to the Facebook Custom Audience -> MONEY gained again!
  • Obtaining Emails of thousands of Vendors, Affiliate Marketers in the groups! Selling Database for them will serve you more! -> MONEY strikes back!
  • FBAds SPY = FBEcom! Wonderful idea for the people who are working for Amazon, E-commerce Shopify, Dropshipping, eBay, etc! You will stay updated and can make your own store successful with the help of Facebook Ads. You can spy any sponsored ad on Facebook! You can reveal the performance of the ads LIVE of your competitors too!
  • With the help of FBEcom, you will be able to collect and know about the most recently released products along with the Best Seller of Last Week, Best Seller of Today and Just-Launched Best Seller Products. It also tells you about the daily sold numbers of the products and daily LIVE revenue.
  • Trending Products all over Dropshipping Stores

Fbcandy/Mailbiz: All-in-One Facebook Web-based Tool 2019

1 Facebook Email Extractor

1 Facebook Ads Spy Tool

1 E-commerce Tool

24/7 Support

Updates and develops constantly with Gigantic Developing Team and Supporting Team

3k+ Paid Clients

2+ years of Experience

We always are devoted to providing you superlative service and updates!

Fbcandy/Mailbiz Review and Client

  • 50000+ Paid Clients, 30000+ Free Clients and increasing clients daily
  • Unlimited hours for the clients
  • 305,000,3467+ Emails extracted from online and offline niches and increasing day by day
  • 50000+ Paid Clients profited $20+ with our tool
  • 15,3480+ hours of Online support

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