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Over the last few years, technology has made way into small scale retail stores in India. From relying on traditional methods to adopting new processes and procedures, retail owners are surely stepping up their game and giving a tough fight to the competitors in the market.

Billing and sales have been those aspects of retail business that have seen a major upgrade. When more and more customers want fast billing, store owners have no choice but to oblige. Credit and debit cards reduced the percentage of cash transactions. With the introduction of mobile payment apps, a huge portion of the customers have been relying on digital money transfer.

Not having enough cash or waiting for the cashier to return the balance amount is no more an issue. The exact amount of the bill can be paid/ transferred to the owner’s account with just a few clicks and scanning the QR code, the amount is paid.
Store owners have to keep track of the various payments made during the day and tally it with the sales generated. Instead of doing it manually and risking human error, the same can be processed by the software. Imagine the amount of time and energy it would save the owner when they can see a detailed sheet of sales for the day without having to do anything.

PoS (Point of Sale) software has reached various corners of the country due to the ease it brings to the business. What took hours earlier now takes only a few minutes! This gives store owners ample time to work on marketing strategies and expand into other industries. Adding new products to the shelves, expanding the stores, reaching a different set of the target audience can be done effectively. Many companies provide PoS software in India to small and medium store owners.

The software can be used in any industry that sells products and services. What attracts businesses to the software is its array of features. When a single software solution can run an entire business, what more does the business owner need?

  • Super-fast Billing
    Don’t let customers stand for long in queues. Bill their purchases with or without using barcodes. Find the items easily using the interactive interface.
  • Hardware Options
    Install the software on existing hardware such as a windows computer, laptop, or tablet. Store owners can also use the Android app on their smartphones. Access the software through the cloud or load it into the existing server on-premises. Choose an option that is most comfortable.
  • Online and Offline Use
    Is the internet connection down for the day? That shouldn’t be a problem either. Store owners can continue using the software offline. Once it is reconnected to the internet, data will be synced automatically.
  • Customers
    Store customer’s data, plan customer loyalty programs, give them special discounts and offers, and send alerts when their favorite products are available. Allow customers to book new products in advance and deliver them at home. Make use of the purchase history of each customer to send customized product suggestions.
  • Sales Reports
    Store owners can process returns and issue refunds without having to search for long throughout the database. Allot store credits and add them to the customer’s account so that they can use them another time.
  • Tax Returns
    Add tax percentages and let the software calculate the amount of tax the store owner has to pay. Any deductions and benefits that are applicable can be included so that at the end of the quarter, store owners know how much they will have to pay as a tax.
  • Weight Scale Integration
    If the store sells fresh fruits and vegetables, the items can be weighed using a weighing machine that is connected to the software. The amount a customer has to pay for the product will be calculated by the software.
  • Inventory
    Store owners need to stay updated about the movement of inventory at all times. Having multiple stores can complicate this further. But with PoS software in India, owners track the inventory status at all stores and make arrangements accordingly. The software will send SMS alerts to the owners when the inventory level reaches a stage where more stock needs to be added.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    Integrate various payment gateways to accept payments made through cash, card, mobile app, or online transfer. The software adds all sales to the day’s report and shows individual balances automatically. Owners can take the printouts of the reports as per their choice.

Store owners can reach out to the software providers to know more about PoS software and its features. Most companies offer a limited period free trial so that store owners can practically see how the software works.

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