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There are limited areas in medium and small size homes to experiment and make them look modern and advance. Living room is one of such areas that require major highlighting attention because it’s the place where guests gather and have fun together. The world-class sliding folding door fittings manufacturers, Olive World, bring some ideas that you can surely try within your budget and make your home not less than a luxury apartment.

  1. A Layered Lighting Works Tremendously!

Lighting plays critical role in a space and that’s the most common thing we often ignore. You need to have different light sources for extra room depth. You can get a pendant light instead of old classic table lamp and hang it.

If you love candle lights, you can even place them in beautiful, reflective candle holders.

  1. Change the Dress Up of the Room

The best and simple way to change your living room look is to change its dress up. However, there are chances that you may end up buying expensive pillows. But you can prevent it by visiting a local fabric store that has all beautiful stripes and linear fabric range at discounted rates.

You can even get a carpet that matches your living room’s wall tiles or paint and compliment the furniture.

  1. Longer curtains the better

If you have long windows then you must treat them well with longer curtains that hit the floor. This will give you a luxury factor. Please avoid buying those shorter draperies as these things look really cheap and store-brought. You must take right measurements of the window before shopping the curtains.

You can even make a DIY curtain using a longer sheer, cotton fabric if you know stitching.

  1. Paintings are Best Friends of Walls

We choose a best friend for ourselves who is “the best”. The person who has all the qualities we are expecting in our best friend wins our heart. The same is with wall and the painting. You cannot hang any painting to your wall. These should complement each other.

For best output, invest in large-scale art. Usually, oversized, large and appealing art can spark conversation and infuse your living room area with luxury feel.

In case you don’t have much to spend on those paintings, you can go creative and make a canvas painting for yourself (if you like painting). For cheaper option, you can always get the custom canvas printed design from any printing solution firm.

  1. Mix it up

If you like hip-hop or jazz and get bored easily with plain simple look, you can try mixing thing. Just like remixes are made to bring old boring songs in interesting way, you can mix it up by incorporating different woods, glass, metals, and woven materials to get the collected look and not the matchy-matchy one.

For instance, the feel of wool sofa, silk velvet pillow, or the finest texture of quality leather are the ultimate luxurious thing to consider.

In case your budget don’t allow you to have leather sofa, you can go for faux-fur blanket or sheepskin throw on the couch, put the pillows into knitted cases. You can even get a reclaimed wooden coffee table for the room.

  1. Go Metallic

A metallic sliding folding door, or a metallic desk clock, pedestal table, or any other decorative accent can quickly add wattage to your living room and up your luxurious dream. Just for a note – you can add a bit glitz and glam for extra wow factor. There are many tricks to play with – high gloss paint, light fixtures with metal finish and metallic wallpapers, for example.

  1. Get moldings or replace the oldies

You can make things look expensive and luxurious by enhancing the interior architecture. There is no need to knock down any walls, though. If there are narrow moldings and baseboards at your space, you can simply replace them with something thicker to acquire elegant look with grace.

You can get a pro if you cannot cut the baseboards.

  1. Update hardware

For instant changed look of your living room, you can invest in some new hardware range. You can get fancy curtain rods having crystal knobs, you can even use separators behind the washbasin to separate the area of washbasin from living room. These are just few ideas to think about.

These are some of the best tips you can use to renovate your space and add more glitz and luxury to it without overburdening your pockets. Sliding folding door fittings manufacturers have shared their best knowledge about all these inexpensive things. It’s your turn to act and change your home space into totally a new one. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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