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A brand is a face the company presents on the market, to the customer, to the world. Such a brand should be consistent and work as the overall pledge of the company. Being one of the main important aspects of the business, the brand serves as a recognizable and unmistakable symbol of your product. At the same time, the function of such a brand will be conveyed to both the company and the customer. Find out more about the function of the brand in this article.

The Function from a Company Perspective

Whether you already have or want to make a brand, this idea will be the best and important thing to do. As there are numerous brands or lines in the world, you will need something as an identity of your product. Said by the expert, that a brand will offer companies the potential to create a clear profile and also overshadow the competition. If you have a strong line, it will be helpful when you are going to launch new products. It is due to a good brand presence in the market.

Along with that, a line will help to foster the product and customer loyalty. Most of the time, people will use the same brand. In this case, taking the heart of returning customers is vital. When your product is a brand-oriented-buyers, you will need a strong and good brand. Thus, the function of the brand as the product name will help decrease customer sensitivity toward new products. And eventually, it makes them more valuable as costumers.

Again, the brand will be an important aspect of lashing customers to the company. The perceived purchasing risk can be lowered down into groundwork to increase the relationship of trust. On the same note, using a brand can be the solution to counter the exploding rank of trade due to the dealer’s stock their shelves. It is quite normal to fill the consumers’ order list with all the highly demanded products. However, it can also lead to bad things.

A sudden fluctuation might affect company productivity. In this case, a well-developed brand will be able to keep sales levels and constant market share. This will help the company to less depend on short term promotion. It is also worth noting, that having a brand means you have your product. It can unlock the company’s potential to grow bigger and possibly go for international expansion, which explains the function of the brand as the company cara membuat merek.

The Function from a Customer Perspective

It can be said that for a company perspective, the brand is a tool and a name to help the marketing and the growth of the product. Then how about the customer? In this matter, a customer will find most of the function comes as the name or the identity of the product. According to the experts, the brand will play a main role in identification and communication for the customer. You can imagine one of the brand product, and what you got from the brand?

For example, you are looking for an isotonic drink. At this point, the first product appears will be a brand with the exact purpose and means, e.g. Pocari Sweat brand. This is just an example that explains how a brand can make an identity and communication. A brand gives guidance, explain the expectation quality, along with giving help and support for consumers to make a decision. The function of the brand also makes people remember your product.

A good brand will result in consumers to develop trust in your product, which later helps them turn into returning clients. It can be said that the brand will help buyers to understand that such a product is considered as the best or preferable. Thus, it leads them to trust and use the same items over and over again. Use certain brands also means to convey certain values. The brand product which constantly chosen will later become a tool of identity formation for the consumer.

What is means? It refers to the buyers that always opt for a certain particular brand, which portrays that the client embraces particular value. The brand also expresses the membership in a certain group pendaftaran merek . Have you ever think about, why there is a different level of customer rank for such a brand? For example, silver or gold member. This is one of the functions of brands which refer to the social business card. For example, gold membership presents a higher sense of prestige.

To conclude, it can be said that the brand has its purpose and function for both perspectives. Being the face of the product, a line would function as the name card of the company. It helps to foster customer loyalty, product, unlock potential opportunities, etc. On the other hand, you as the customer will find the function that comes as the way to communicate and as the identification. In this matter, it is granted that having a brand is important.


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