“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the right pair of shoes.”

Your feet are solely responsible for carrying you all day. It is hard to imagine a time when people walked barefoot for miles. However, in today’s futuristic era, shoes contribute to your freedom and mobility. Footwear affects your health in enormous ways. According to the University of Health Sciences, good shoes can prevent injuries. Therefore, finding the right shoes is essential for you.

In the world of eCommerce fashion and predictive trends, people select their footwear as per occasion and apparel. Finding the right shoes is easy with the Shoe Embassy voucher codes because the platform has shoes to fit your surroundings, but it offers a collection that can maintain your fitness. Always look around for the right trainers before making a purchase.


The Bond Between You And Your Shoes

Finding the right shoes will affect the whole body in different ways. Substantially, footwear impacts your spine. Always replace your pair before it goes in a deficient condition. Majorly, there are three worthy features that you can consider while purchasing shoes. Appropriate shoes are responsible for protecting your feet, supporting your walk, and providing comfort while you stand.

Wrong shoes often cause short and long term problems. Look around some of these and make sure of you have the right pair for yourself.

Short Term Issues

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Poor-fitting shoes damage your feet quickly. Therefore, you come across these common conditions.

Corns Infection

Corns are most probably round areas of hard skin on your feet that form due to constant pressure on your skin. Leaving them untreated cause severe effects. They mostly develop when your toes continually rub against the interior of your slippers.

Often loose pairs force sliding and rubbing of your foot while walking. Therefore, finding the right shoes that do not force pressure on an individual area is crucial for avoiding any conditions that can cause corns.

Athlete’s Foot

It is one of the most common foot conditions that can get severe if not treated well. According to Mayo Clinic, athlete’s foot is most likely to cause because of the sweating that occurs in tightly fitted shoes. It is why doctors often suggest people to avoid wearing poorly-ventilated shoes regularly.

However, you cannot avoid footwear in this condition because it most probably thrives while you walk barefoot. Light and well-ventilated shoes are the best way to prevent such problems. Every pair has its side effects if worn wrong; therefore, finding the right shoes for yourself is crucial.

Toenail Infections

Several toenail problems occur due to inadequate and deficient shoes. Always focus on your footwear to avoid any of these. The ingrown toenails often cause while you put on shoes improperly. Tightened socks and shoes can push the sides to the toes due to which your skin can thrust into the nail plate.

Similarly, fungal nail infections also cause due to tight footwear. Pressure by a compact pair of shoes can lift the nail from the nail bed. Due to this, nails often start getting brittle and discolored.

Long Term Issues

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Aside from the short-term diseases and foot conditions, finding the right shoes is important to prevent adverse effects to your body. While heels often cause lower back pain, deficient footwear can sometimes bring permanent damage to a person.

Back Pain

Severe lumbar pain and can arise due to high heels and stilettos. Often ladies wear heeled shoes without any precautions for lengthy durations. It can bring postural changes in a person and increases the risk of osteoarthritis of the hip, spine, and knee.

Nowadays, men also wear heel shoes and avoid the risks that can occur if worn for long. It is better to avoid heels for maximum hours. Finding the right shoes like flat and narrower footwear like sneakers, casuals, and trainers can prevent such problems.

Fallen Arches

The condition of flat feet does not occur due to shoes; however, you can treat this by wearing appropriate footwear. People often come across collapsed arches naturally due to the tightness in muscles at the back of their legs.

To prevent this, doctors often advise patients to avoid flat sandals and wear shoes with an arch. Medically fit shoes are manufactured with a natural curvature that can support such people.

Joint Pain

Poor-fitting shoes can also lead to severe joint pain. Finding the right shoes is essential because an improper pair is most likely to shift the stress on your knees. In harsh conditions, misalignments can also occur in the spine.

Aside from heels, flip-flops are also a reason for joint pain. It is because they have no support for the arch of your foot and do not support your lower back. Wearing proper shoes can avoid these conditions very well.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right shoes does not require any expensive stores. You can always look for shops that have a variety of footwear you need. It is good to stay stylish and fashionable but, always make sure you can manage your style by keeping your health in concern.