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Five key social media trends that will shape 2020

We are prepping up towards a year that is full of opportunities and challenges for leaders and marketers who want to make the mark and make the most of social media.In terms of emerging technologies and rising trends, 2019 was quite promising for social media marketers. So, it’s high time to take a pause and review the current strategy while thinking about what changes need to be made in 2020.

Let’s go through the five key social media trends that would certainly shape 2020:

Think beyond likes

It is witnessed that Instagram has started to test the idea whereby like counts can be made private for various number of users all over the world. Making the like counts private can prove to be an interesting and befitting experiment both for the personal and professional use of Instagram. Although there was no official launch from Instagram yet, these experiments indicated positive reactions earlier. 

This clearly shows that 2020 might be the year where we need to think beyond likes and we better shift our focus on the engagement and the quality of the content. Thereby, adopting measures to dig deeper for effective and quality content is the need of the hour.

This in turn could result in potentially changed facet of influencer marketing and how exactly the brands could collaborate with the influencers. Infact, this would make the social media a bit more interesting and engaging which is certainly less focussed on the like counts.

Adoption of the brand’s identity on Social Media

One of the biggest challenges poised on social media is how to stand out from the competitors. Grabbing the attention of the audience from the very first second is a successful media strategy that must be acknowledged. In the times when social media is buzzing with the feeds, it’s important that brands should be different both in the terms of creativity and strategy.

In 2020 there will be an increasing trend where more and more brands would work on the authenticity of their presence and an improved tone of voice which would set them apart from their competitors. It’s the time when social media marketing can experiment with new ways to be innovative and appealing.A clever and authentic tone of voice for instance, even a witty comment in an engaging topic can simply improve the brand awareness among its customers.

Explore new channels to upkeep the creative direction

Social media is emerging rapidly and it’s always helpful if it’s kept up with the latest trends. For instance, Tik Tok became one of the biggest trends in 2019 and it is expected it will appeal to more brands in the year 2020. 

If we study the case of TikTok, one can surely improve the creative direction among all the social media channels. What one needs is to understand what stands out as an engaging content and how this strategy can be imitated properly into the overall strategy.

Discover social media commerce and product

It is quite encouraging to note that social media is reaching the stage where it is actually linking the awareness and consideration with real conversions. One can witness now that the channels like facebook, instagram and pinterest are making the purchase of products easier through social media.

Small businesses with limited budgets would have an option to launch facebook stores which can be very helpful to reach a large number of audiences. The challenge that would be faced in 2020 will be whether the social media marketing is properly aligned with the sales funnel or not. This would reflect the shift towards the conversion. 

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

The varied use of artificial intelligence in communication and customer service is another biggest trend that is witnessed on social media. Marketing automation and chat bots would expand further over the next few years. The more, the brands feel the need to scale up, the more increase in competition will be witnessed. Indeed, it is a good way to future proof the businesses be it small scale or large scale.

Hence, the following were some of the trends that will shape 2020. 

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Rajat Jain, an expert social media consultant and entrepreneur, is known for being proactive while successfully handling multiple tasks at a time. With his unique expertise in social media strategies, Rajat has helped multiple brands achieve the success they deserve.

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