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spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is a method to reach out to God, or a superior power using faith, prayer, meditation and the transmission of energy. It is based on the basic philosophy that says:

‘’When we are disconnected from the Divine, we are severed from true wellbeing.’’ 

The concept suggested that the root cause of numerous illnesses afflicted within us is the alienation from Divine, which is our source of energy and the purpose of these illnesses is to help us reconnect with our Divine inner Center – to point the way back to Wholeness. However, it is important to be cautious as there is the possibility of being used by so-called spiritual healers and preyed upon by false ideas.

Spiritual healing is also seen as a transcendental experience of reconnecting with our true nature. As author Shakti Gawain writes:

‘’Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being – the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core.’’

There are five different types of spiritual healing:

  1. Physical healing (of the body)
  2. Emotional healing (of the heart)
  3. Mental healing (of the mind)
  4. Soul healing (of the soul)
  5. Holistic healing (of the body, heart, mind, and soul)

There are spiritual healers for specific purposes so you must know beforehand what kind of healing you are searching for. For instance, if you suffer from chronic pain (for which no other methods work) and also depression, you would need physical and mental healing – ideally, some kind of holistic healer would benefit you the most. If, on the other hand, you only have one issue, like an unshakable sense of grief from a lost relationship, look out for healers who specialize in emotional healing.

Common types of spiritual healing

Common types of spiritual healing include chakra healing, crystal/herbal remedies, breathwork, reiki, traditional medicine (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine), aromatherapy, meditation/visualization techniques, and so on.

One of the common spiritual healing practices is meditation. Meditation is an active training of the mind to increase awareness, and different meditation programs approach this in different ways. Some people eat right and exercise daily but still struggle with fatigue and hormonal imbalances. For them, meditation is proved to be a succeeding signal as it relaxes the mind resulting in healing it physically and mentally.

Suffering is avoidable. But healing and redemption are available to every human if only we dare to dive into deep consideration and dedication. True spiritual healing is about facing, acknowledging, exploring, and integrating what we are going through. It’s not about trying to escape our reality.

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