There is a lot of frustration that comes from a marketing strategy failing to work for you. One of the tactics you might choose for your marketing is what we call email marketing. Writing email marketing copies that convert can be a challenge. It gets worse when you spent a lot to create a good email list. You could be doing it correctly, but some writing mistakes kill your marketing game in the process by preventing conversions.

  1. Using Weak and Easy to Ignore Subject Lines

Research by Hubspot shows that 99 percent of consumers open their emails every day. This means that if by chance you have a good email list, then increasing your open rates is your first step to an amazing marketing campaign. A mistake that could be failing you is the use of weak and ignorable subject lines. Ask yourself some questions when doing your subject line. Is it short and sweet? Is it clear and precise? Is it spammy? Are the numbers eye-catchy? Are the questions proby?

  1. Doing Unprofessional Email Copies

There is a way to do things professionally and amass the respect you need. Writing email-marketing copies is one thing you do not want to get wrong. Keep in mind the things that make emails unprofessional and avoid them every time.  Remember that your competition has put enough time into coming up with highly competitive email messages.

As you write your email copies, remember they are a representation of what your brand stands for and keep them as professional as possible for credibility purposes, to connect with subscribers, and improve your conversion rates. To check for professionalism in your emails, scan for grammar, choice of images, language, and tone. The solution to this is rigorous editing.

  1. Writing Salesy Emails

Even when you know in your mind that the purpose of this email is to earn more conversions, sales, and profit, avoid the temptation of sales languages. Many customers will run away from emails that want them to buy something.

Moreover, you could risk having your emails marked as spam. To skip the sales vibe, let your emails be personable, which means be a friend, not a salesperson. Write “you” copies, not “me” copies. You also need to write for the web. Follow the structure for online writing, which includes using subheadings and bullets and keeping paragraphs short, among other things.

  1. Using Mobile-Unfriendly Copies

Research by Campaign Monitor shows that mobiles contribute to 50 percent of email opens; this can go up high to 70 percent for most people. This means that you need to optimize your email copies for the mobile. This is doable through correct email formatting, namely short paragraphs, email designs that are not cluttered, and using images viewable on small screens. The images should not be wider than 600 pixels. Moreover, test your emails on your mobile device before sending it to any subscriber.

  1. Ignoring Call to Action

Your email marketing message might be impressive, but if it does not push the consumer to convert, then it has not finished its job. The use of call to action buttons creates a sense of urgency for your messages. If your email copy was compelling, then the reader will find no problem doing the purchase or subscription immediately. Call to action include items such as call now, buy now, and click here, among other actions.

Getting it right with your email copies guarantees an effective marketing strategy. Know email copy mistakes killing your email conversions, and work towards a better job and get deserved results for your enterprise.