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VHD(Virtual Hard Disk) is simply a file format symbolizing a virtual hard disk drive(HDD). VHD is used for storing the complete contents of a hard drive such as disk partition and a file system, thereby contain files and folders. Commonly used as the hard disk of a virtual machine. 

A virtual hard disk allows multiple operating systems to perch on a single machine. Due to this, it enables developers to examine software on different operating systems without the cost or trouble. This rendering allows developers to test software and operating systems at no cost with the effort of installing a second hard drive or splitting a hard drive into multiple volumes.

Like any other hard disk, a VHD file is also damaged and corrupted that make data inaccessible. The corruption or damage of the VHD file can take you to the worst situation of permanent data loss. 

So, here in this article, we explain you how to fix damaged or corrupted hyper V VHD files. 

Reasons For VHD File Corruption 

  • Storage Media Failure: When storage media files get corrupted or fail to open, the file becomes inaccessible and with that VHD file also gets corrupted
  • Power Failure: Sudden shutdown of your system can cause severe damage to your system which can lead to VHD file corruption
  • Due to Human Errors: By accidental deletion of storage files, force shutdown, etc are some human errors that can damage VHD files
  • Virus Infection: If your system is attacked by viruses, they ruin files and cause file damage.

Robust Solution To Fix Damaged Or Corrupted Hyper V VHD File

Hyper V Recovery tool is the best solution that can handle any issues that may appear in your VHD drive. Most of the time, manual solutions are failed to repair corrupted VHD file. Hence, to overcome that you can look for an efficient and reliable solution to fix damaged or corrupted Hyper V VHD file.

Following are the simple steps to recover corrupted VHD file:

  1. Download and install Hyper V Recovery Software on your system.corrupt vhdx
  2. Browse the location where .vhd or .vhdx file located. Then, select the damaged or corrupted Hyper V VHD file and click on the SCAN crack free
  3. Now, you can preview the restored items after the scanning process serial key
  4. At last, SAVE the repair .vhd or .vhdx file at your desired software

By following the above steps you can easily repair corrupted VHD file. You can test the trial version of the tool but the trial version has its limitation in its functionality. So, to fix all corrupted VHD files get the full version of the tool.

Some Beneficial Features of the Tool 


  • The tool supports to recover deleted file from VHDX partition 
  • There is no size limitation, you can scan and repair any size of VHD file
  • Hyper V Recovery Tool supports various multiple languages
  • The software recovers dynamic and static .vhd or .vhdx of FAT and NTFS file systems
  • You can install this software in Windows 10, 8, 7 and all below versions of Windows OS


Can We Prevent VHD Files From Getting Corrupted

Preventions are taken to protect our files from being damaged or corrupted. When the files got corrupted then we Repair Corrupted VHD File. Here are some of the prevention factors which may help you to prevent your VHD file from getting corrupted.

  1. Try to avoid attaching virus-infected external storage devices
  2. Use reliable anti-virus software to scan your drive
  3. Most importantly, always take a backup of your important data


In order to fix damaged or corrupted Hyper V VHD file, we have mentioned above the automated solution that will easily repair corrupted VHD file. Also, we have mentioned the preventions that should prevent VHD file corruption. Make sure you pick the right solution to recover corrupt VHD file.


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