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When working in forestry, there are a lot of different tire options that can work for your equipment. They key however, is to find the tires that ensures that you can have a high productivity and minimum downtime. This means that the tires have to have excellent grip so that they don’t slow you down and they have to be extremely durable to ensure that they provide you with long trouble free service life. A wrong forest tire choice can make the business suffer from low productivity and high costs due to a lot of unscheduled downtime. 


In forestry you have basically two different methods of how to fell the trees and getting them to the landing for further transport. There is the cut to length forestry, where the tree is felled and the harvester delimbs the tree and cuts it into a certain length. The cut logs are then transported to the landing by a forwarder. This is made clear from the ground, which is different than when it comes to full tree forestry, where after the trees have been felled, they are dragged without delimbing by a skidder to the landing. This has more stress impact on the soil as the full tree is dragged. It also requires big heavy machines with skidder tires that can provide excellent grip as the skidder moves through the forest.

Nokian Tyres have a long history of supplying tires to the forest industry and is currently the global market leader for forestry tires. They have a range of tires for both cut to length forestry and full length. They work closely with both its customers and the equipment manufacturers to develop tires that can excel in the harsh conditions that are present in the Nordic forests, where you have everything from swamps, bogs, muddy steep hills, rocks, stomps and even snowy conditions. If the tires can handle these conditions, they can basically handle any conditions. 


Nokian Tyres have a long history of developing winter tires, so if you will need to account for some occasional winter, then the choice is obvious to go for a forest tire that can handle snowy conditions. The famous forest tires from Nokian Tyres include Nokian Logger King LS-2 designed for skidders and can handle even the biggest and most extreme machines. You have the famous Nokian Forest Riders, which is one of the only radial tires available for the cut to length forestry and have extreme grip and provide some of the best driving comfort. They are to be used with harvester and forwarders in the cut to length forestry and can replace any of the bias tires for forest machines.


The Nokian Forest King has a name that says it all. They can be used for forest tractors and skidders. They also provide improved puncture resistance, as they are reinforced with steel belts. The Nokian Forest King have excellent traction and self cleaning properties. 


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