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Since your loved one has boarded the heavenly journey, you might be planning the funeral, right? Of course, you have just lost a cherished, loved and caring person from your life. But again, are you going to let his or her funeral go ordinary? Why not make it special and memorable?

Funeral Cards

The first thing that you can decide is to get the funeral prayer cards with a photo that is beautiful, graceful and reflect the qualities of your loved one. You have to invite everyone to the funeral program, right? Since that is the case, make sure that you do it with sophistication and with the memories of the deceased one. A loving funeral prayer card would definitely motivate your friends, acquaintances and extended family members to attend the funeral ceremony.

What really these cards are?

Memorial cards, which are even known as funeral cards, are personalized and loving mementos given at the time of funerals, memorial services or celebrations of life ceremonies to honor the life of a loved one. Though a funeral program, or order of service, does contain the schedule of a funeral service, a proper memorial card is a keepsake that reserves and treasures the memory of a dear one.

Can you personalize the cards?

Of course, you can! The beauty of variety today is that you can personalize the funeral cards as per your needs. If you want that there is a picture on the card of the deceased one then you can do that without any hassle. No matter what type of designing, formatting, layouts or color combinations; everything is possible as per your desire. You can literally get the funeral prayer cards with photo that you crave for.


So, do not let the funeral go insipid and dry when you can make it memorable. Give away the funeral cards that matter!

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