Funeral cost may be explained as the expenses incurred due to organizing the Funeral of any deceased person. Specific insurance cover is availed, if the decease person is already generated policy for benefits of funeral cost. Therefore, Funeral service cost should be estimated and handed over to the insurance company to settle the claim of the Funeral cost of the deceased person .In view of the claim, the family will avail the benefit of the claim as covered by the policy holder.

Funeral arrangements cost includes services on funeral

The funeral cost may include transport cost of dead body, cremation charges, cost of flowers, and cost of arrangement of memorial etc. All these Funeral arrangements cost should be calculated and added up to produce the final cost. This estimate can be submitted to the insurance company for reimbursement of the funeral cost of the deceased person. The money will be handed over to the widow or partner of the dead person. The family can carry out funeral on their own. There are some ways by which people can achieve lower funeral cost as follows:

  • You can purchase just around to avoid transport cost
  • Call the funeral homes for general price
  • Organize for direct burial
  • You can arrange for green burial
  • You can arrange burial at church
  • Simplify the funeral procedures

Funeral service cost may be borne by state

People sometimes may arrange third party service provider for funeral. In this way, service cost of arrangements for funeral will be charged. Funeral service cost will be added by the service provider along with arrangements cost. If the family is unable to bear the cost of funeral, then they can get the release by signing in form of country coroner’s office. The state will then arrange for burial or cremation. The relatives or family members cannot be forced for paying funeral cost. If the family signs for coffin, then the family will have some obligation towards payment.

Funeral arrangements cost includes cremation charges

The person who signs the funeral contract is legally responsible for payment of funeral arrangements cost. This may include the transportation of dead body at funeral home, arrangement of cremation and preparation of all related papers for cremation. Some common factors are always included in funeral cost. Any specific item may be added extra to the funeral price. The funeral rule allows the service providers to accept basic fees which are common for all funerals. Any extra specific arrangements may be charged as additional fees. The basic factors may include funeral planning, arrangements of necessary permit, to prepare shelter for remains, to make coordination with crematory, cemetery or any other third party.


Funeral is the process of shifting dead body to the funeral place , preparation of  related papers  and making all related arrangements . The funeral cost has to be paid by family, if the total work is carried out by funeral service provider.