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Gaming is the most common pass time for anyone in the world. When you are not working or binging on series, the best and most favorite pass time is playing games. Gaming industry is a developed industry which is expanding at a very fast pace. With new technological developments and software’s, this industry is now worth more than 900 million US dollars. India is one of the top players when it comes to designing games.As the demand for games on smart phones is on a rise, numerous game development companies have come up within India alone.

With the rise in games on tablets and smartphones, there has been a simultaneous rise in gamers. Gamers have been projected to be 622 million till date. With kids playing games over the screen and increase in number of smartphones in every hand, this number is expected to rise in the near future. Thus with this increasing number, this industry is never going to die.

There are few known companies who have been in this industry for quite some time and given us exciting and thrilling games.

Red apple technologies

Red Apple has become a known name in the gaming industry. It has understood the audiences taste and the genres each category demands. Thus it has served every gamer category with entertaining games. Using the latest technological development, it has developed distinctive games which has attracted gamers. With the creative minds and skilled artists been trained in the best graphic designing college, have been providing innovative games with creative graphic contents making the game more appealing.

99 Games

Founded in 2008 in an educational hub in Udupi, 99 Games is known across the globe. With its creative developers and publishers, their games have crossed boundaries. From their 20 gaming collection, they have received 14 awards for excellent innovation. The most successful monetized game was Dhoon-3 alongside India-Star chef. Having acquired more than 18 game titles, it has clocked over more than 50 million downloads worldwide over the years.

Dhruva Interactive

Founded in 1997, this company has been in the field since decades. Since its inception, Dhruva Interactive has been aiming at delivering superior quality services for PC and smart phones. Rajesh Rao, founder of Dhruva has worked across various platforms for over more than 100 projects. He is known for his work like Mission Impossible, which has been based on a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Their recent work Forza Horizon 4 has gained immense popularity. Their growing team includes expats across the world who work in 2 state of the art studios, one in Bangalore and other in Dehradun. They have diversified andare now offering porting services but their core service remain creating entertaining and innovative games for gamers across the globe.

Moonfrog Labs

Moonfrog Labs is one of the most sought out gaming companies in India. With its focus over creating only entertaining mobile games, they have few credential developers who are highly innovative and experienced. They plan their content radically and alter making it viable for every age group. Gamers can recollect the developer name once they recall games like Mafia Wars, Bubble safari, YoVille, CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, Empires & Allies and Café World. These are few of the most loved and played games created by Moonfrog Labs.

7 2Pi Interactive Pvt.Ltd

When you talk about top gaming companies in India, you cannot miss out this name. Hyderabad based company has a great contribution to the gaming industry. It is specialized in creating games for PC, smartphones and other devices. With a variety of games it also has layers across the world. Few of their known works include Hit Bit Hacker, Tangled Up!, and The Cat Monk.

Dream 11

A latest addition to this industry is this very new company. Dream 11 is known for sports related games. With the main idea of creating India’s biggest sports game, creators came up with Dream11. Over 3 crore people have been registered and play digital games like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football and NBA. In this, gamers get to choose their favorite sport and become a part of the famous team. They differentiate themselves by the treatment and twist they give to the gamer. The participants remain team owners rather than being mere spectators. This increases their level of involvement. With the changing situations, the developers bring in different games and now are also official partners for Hero ISL, Hero CPL and NBA.

Designing games is quite a serious stuff. Game designing college will provide you with technical knowledge one also need to be innovative. Gaming industry goes beyond coding and graphics. With passion, hard work and expertise, you can come up with games like Candy Crush, Temple Bell run, Pub G, Pool and more. Mobile game development has grown massively. But with constant improvement and innovation, you can stay in the industry. This assures a promising future to the industry as well.

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