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AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing

Are you looking at your AOL Desktop Gold icon which has been abandoned from your desktop and you are in search of that to find it and restore it again? After a number of trials, only you have got a failure and returned with bare hands and nothing else and you become annoyed and hopeless.

Frequently it happens with a user, even after they perform all the setups like downloading and installing, due to some of the technical hitches your icon got missed. So, don’t be frenzy,  just go through this manual guide and you will discover one of the best techniques to resolve the matter.

AOL Desktop Gold Icon is Missing

What does it mean? Is it something that no longer exists? Or it is just something that is temporarily hidden somewhere in your system? 

The answer relies here on, it means when you look at your desktop screen you are able to see different icons and symbols, but the one you are in search of is not there. As well as it is not showing in the windows start menu.

Reasons behind the AOL desktop Gold Icon Disappearance

We have streamlined some of the points which can lead to missing of your software from your device.

  • When you have created a shortcut icon on your desktop at that time you have forgotten to mark it.
  • Sometimes your PC setting starts to maintain itself, and it removes all the broken shortcuts which are added to your system.
  • Maybe some of the cookies are present, or harmful malware and threats which have corrupted the file of AOL Desktop Gold Download.

Mark these points in your mind before putting AOL Desktop Gold icon on your home screen

  • First of all, go with full scanning of your device, check the latest versions, updates.
  • The threats, malware, cookies all have to be removed immediately as these worms can seize the process.
  • All the icons should not be kept on the desktop screen, as they will create broken icons.
  • For heavy icons, the different folders are available to your computer. You can save them in any of the drives.
  • For getting your icon back, just click on the right side of the start menu of your home screen
  • The option will ask you to select to show the desktop icon.
  • Refresh your system again and again in order to get back your AOL desktop gold icon.

Follow these steps to recover the lost icon of AOL Desktop Gold

  • Keep your hands stable, while searching the icon, if by mistake the mouse got touched and the option will relocate in some other folder.
  • The system tray is available, after tapping on that you will be able to find the missing AOL gold icon on the desktop.
  • Sometimes the file has been corrupted due to caches, then go to the registry window and clear Icon.db cache file.
  • Look at the whole set of your desktop, if required change and refresh it timely. Nothing much has to be done for this, just go to the start menu and on the right side, you will find search programs and files, in that type AOL desktop gold.
  • Select this option and click on to put in on the home screen of your desktop.
  • Discard all the malware and caches, they are like harmful worms who will be ready to digest the icon. So, it’s very necessary to always have antivirus in your pc, so that it would scan every time to protect it.

Via Troubleshooting Methods, Recover the Lost Icon of AOL Desktop Gold

  • Firstly, check all the broken icons as well as the links, which are hidden in your computer system.
  • If you are not able to recover them technically just discard them, this will help you to protect the PC as well.
  • Go to the AOL Page and download it again and install it, the icon will appear automatically. Put it on the desktop screen.
  • You can also disable the system maintenance troubleshooter as well as the task scheduler so that the icons are maintained in a proper manner required by pc.  The deactivating of the task scheduler will help the user, to discard all the broken shortcuts.
  • Before downloading and installing this software on your computer then check all the requirements needed by your computer. It included the latest version of windows for which you are using, it must be above 7.
  • If you are a MAC user then you should have the new version of OS X.
  • The GB should contain at least 1 RAM the processor should have a speed of 266 Mhz.

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