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Summertime…. It exemplifies sunshine, cookouts, camps, family vacations and…..tutoring? While studies or academics may be the last thing on your mind as you plan for your summer activities, this webcast will boost you to think about different reasons summer tutoring is highly beneficial for the students.

Many students might consider summer as the time of freedom and a break from academic responsibilities. Summer should be fun, but what if you can utilize this time to ensure a better academic year to follow as well? The National Summer Learning Association states that summer learning loss is one of the strongest contributors to the high school dropout rate. Well, there are many reasons to invest in summer tutoring in Olney, MD during the summer break, as tutoring can help students:


  • Filling the Gap

One of the primary reasons why summer tutoring is so advantageous is because it enables a student to bridge the gaps in knowledge from the previous year. Students have different ways of learning, and, sometimes, lack of one-on-one teaching can results in students falling behind in class. On an average, students lose a month of subject knowledge during the summer time. That means, though, that some students lose much more than a month’s information and might begin their next year significantly behind.


  • Improve Performance

Summer tutoring in Olney, MD can give you an edge for the academic year to follow. Once a student has worked on some of those concepts they didn’t understand, it is a great opportunity to start working on study material for the next year. Students usually have some idea of the different types of classes they will be taking net year. A tutor can always help guide a student through the material to ensure he or she doesn’t fall behind. Studies also show that summer programs have a positive impact on a student’s grades, especially for Math and Reading.


  • Prepare for the ACT and SAT

Students usually have a lot going on during an academic year. Challenging classes and a mix of extracurricular activities and other obligations can make it difficult to find some time to study for these tests during the school year. The summer is a great time to study for a standardized test such as the ACT, PSAT, or SAT. Students usually don’t have their schedules packed as full during this time, and there tend to be a few test dates offered during the summer as well, so it is a great option for students who want to take the test before the next school year and have the time to provide a proper amount of attention to studying.


  • Practice Essential Skills

Practice. Practice. Practice. Summer tutoring enables students to practice skills that are fundamental to learning such as note-taking, organization, listening, writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and more. Often, when a student approaches for tutoring, it is not only because they missed some information in class. Learning and refining basic note-taking skills, for example, can make a huge difference, but it may not be much of a focus in your child’s school, especially after the earlier grades.


  • Create a Proper Routine

If time management and organization is something that your student is struggling with, summer tutoring could help create a consistent timeline and structure for studying. Your tutor can work with you to create a proper routine for studying regularly. Regular sessions will bring additional structure and accountability during the summer months. This will help your become more accustomed to studying regularly.


One of the best things that students love to learn is how each subject relates to real-world applications. And therefore, summer tutoring in Olney, MD is the perfect avenue for engaging students in this way.

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