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Watching video is not only restricted to those who want some fun and entertainment. There are also many people who love to learn various arts and languages where videos for the same can be of great help. In many cases people want to have the video on their device but they are not able to have it as the concerned platforms do not permit it. In such cases one needs to go for the app which can help him fetch the video from the concerned site or place. At this stage one can rely on vidmate old version download which is still powerful enough to pick the video from its link and save on the device of the user.

What is vidmate app?

Vidmate is a popular video fetching app which is provided by the site 9apps. The app is the product of 9apps, which is a third party platform known for android apps. This app is known for its efficiency in pulling videos but it is not there on the platform of PlayStore. One can download it only from 9apps site. The app is doubtlessly known for its quality with the help of which can help the users to get the video quickly. It is an app that can be easily accommodated on the memory of a smartphone and hence for the user it is completely hassle free to get the app. Due to its quality one can rely on it as far as video pulling is concerned.

The ease of using:

Using the apps which are little technical may be a tough task for common users but this is not the case when one wants to use vidmate as it is designed in a different way. The users need to download it with the help of provided link. This link is available on the site of 9apps. As soon as the link is clicked, one can find it getting downloaded on the device. The app is small and hence in a few seconds it can be downloaded on the device. However, the speed of the download depends on the device as well as the internet speed.

Ease of operation:

To operate this app is much simple. One needs to find the link of the concerned video and paste it to the given space in the app. With the help of this link only one can find the desired video on the device. Once the link is provided the app is capable of pulling it from any platform. The simple design of the device makes it more useful for the users.

Excellent features:

This small app is provided with some of the beautiful features. The user can change the quality of the video with the help of provided options on the app. It also saves the video in a specific folder so that the user does not have to hunt for the same across the device. Due to such features only it is much useful to the users.

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