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Kasauli Tourism

Searching for the best tourist destination in your budget? Here look at Kasauli Tourism where you can make the best memories of your life with your friends or family. Kasauli is a small hill town which is located halfway between Kalka and Shimla. And the town was instituted in the British era and become the most beloved place to spend weekends by visitors. Here you will just not found scenic views but get to do lots of activities nature walks, trekking tours and more. Let’s take a look at what things you can do when you visit Kasauli.

Kasauli Tourism

Things That You Can Enjoy In Kasauli Trip

The cool and comfortable weather will make you enticed to walk with nature. When you visit here you will find it less crowded and can enjoy all the popular places in Kasauli.

  • The exciting Toy train ride
  • Kasauli Tibetan market
  • Hangout Bars
  • Timber Trail
  • Monkey Point
  • Kasauli Brewery
  • Beautiful sunset point
  • Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanakji & Christ Church
  • Gurkha Fort
  • Nature walks & trekking tours

The windy hilly tracks will excite you and experience the adventurous jaw-dropping vistas. The most captivating and engrossing thing to do in Kasauli is trecking tours. The lower mall road is the point of attraction in Kasauli by visitors. And on another side, there are relaxing points as well such as Manki, sunset point.

Walking With Nature Is One Of The Best Thing To Do In Kasauli

You can feel the romance in the air of Kasauli and that makes nature walk with your loved ones the most romantic walk. The environment will appeal itself to get a picture and capture the moment. Enjoy your weekend with your family or friend’s spouse by strolling from the lower mall up to Kimmughat. You will get to see the alluring panoramic views of Himalayas.

Your trip will be a little unique and exciting with a toy train ride. The heritage toy train ride that will bring you to Dharampur which is about 10 km from Kasauli. You will experience the best moment while your train will go through the hill tunnels, oak and pine forests, gorges, and small hilly hamlets.

Now lets come to the Kasauli Tibetan Market where you can shop small handicrafts, woolen, the hand-woven shawls, stalls, and many things. Even these all are you can buy at low cost from numerous local Tibetan shops.

Find The Best Kasauli Tour Packages, Deals & Get Ready For Your Trip

Now you might be confused about which travel agency you should go with and how to find the best budget tour package of Kasauli. You just need to search for the best travel package and you will find the long list of agents who are offering you the best packages. But before going with any company just make sure about the whole package includes and excludes and picks the most trusted one like Tripadvisor, Spinonholiday and many more.

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