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Why Should We Buy Globe Longboards?

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globe longboard

Globe- A Leading Brand in the Longboard Industry

Globe Longboards are known as the best in quality and performance for the avid fans of surfing and skateboarding. These boards offer a great riding experience just like a pro at a relatively reasonable price. Globe Longboard is so tempting that you don’t only look great while riding on them but can also perform several tricks with grace. The smooth and high-quality bushings, long-lasting decks and durable trucks are the few most fundamental elements that define the Globe Longboards.

Globe longboards are cheapest among the other brands but you would be surprised by the quality as it is above what you get at this price. If you are on a budget, Globe Longboards are the ideal choice to go for without compromising on the looks and style. These longboards offer all great features that any other expansive brands offer. 

Why Should We Buy Globe Longboards?

Globe Longboards are established as a brand that combines skateboarding and surfboarding in an innovative way rider would love to experience. Globe is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of longboards on the planet. The line of longboards for cruising is incredibly stylish, high-quality and durable. There are various styles and designs of longboards that Globe produces which are known for quality and performance around the world. 

Globe Longboards are also known for their impressive quality and long-lasting material from which they are produced. The company has focused on making the best boards with different sizes, shapes, and styles to suit every rider out there. The stunning designs of these longboards grab the attention of riders especially the beginners. 

Top Globe Longboards

Globe blazer

Globe blazer is one of the most stylish, smooth, sleek and high-quality rolling cruisers that has long been popular among the riders. With a soft concave yet a durable deck, this globe blazer is perfect for a rewarding experience. This model is relatively lighter in weight owing to the maple wood material and epoxy resin used in its construction and design. It features a stylish tail and strong wheels that offer a smooth riding experience. 

Globe Bannerstone 

Globe Bannerstone is a freestyle deck design longboard that is perfect for sliding. It has a length of 41’’ that is ideal for freeriding. The longboard has an added concave design that offers ample place for foot placement and maintains balance while freestyle longboarding.

Globe Chormantic

This Globe Bannerstone longboard with a size of 33’’ is another great addition in our list of best Globe longboards. The deck of this model is impressive and looks similar to a surfboard fishtail. With the maple wood construction of the model, Globe Bannerstone is considered the best longboard in this range of price. Quality, innovation, style, and performance are all you get with the Globe Bannerstone longboard.

Important Features of Globe Longboards

As discussed above, Globe is the most affordable longboard brand that everyone who loves to cruise around the streets can get and enjoy the wonderful experience. Here we are going to highlight some of the important features that make globe longboards impressive, have a look;

  • Riding style
  • Length and width of longboard
  • Construction material
  • Trucks
  • Flex
  • Bearings and wheels
  • Deck shape, style, and design

These are the few important features that you must consider in any longboard you are going to buy. As mentioned above, Globe longboard offers all the quality and features of an expansive longboard brand, you would rest assured by the quality. Without all these features, a longboard can never serve the purpose and you cannot get the desired experience.

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