While there’s hardly a problem with letting your child use technology such as a tablet, the TV, or a computer every now and then, too much screen time can have some serious harmful effects. From sending custom greeting cards to loved ones to spending quality time outside, there are endless creative ways to help lure your kids away from their devices. Here are ten unique activities your child is sure to love.


  •  Plant Something New


If the weather allows, help your child connect with nature and learn the joy of gardening by planting something new. Snap peas, tomatoes, and sunflowers are all great starter plants.


  •  Cook a Meal of Their Choice Together


From as young as two years old, children often enjoy helping in the kitchen. Have your child choose their favorite meal and help them prepare it. For younger children, it is a good idea to purchase kid-friendly kitchen tools and a step stool ahead of time.



  •  Make an Illustrated Book


Let your child get their creative juices flowing by helping them make a book. Pull out the colored pencils and craft supplies so they can include illustrations and decorate the cover.



  •  Write Letters or Cards


Another great writing activity your child might enjoy is writing letters or filling out custom greeting cards for a close family member or friend. You can then show your child how to mail a letter or deliver it together in person.



  •  Visit a Local Farm


Check with local farms in your area to see if they host any events or allow visitors. Depending on the season, activities might include animal feedings, picking vegetables, pumpkin patches, and hayrides.



  •  Create Puppets and Put on a Show


Pull out your unused brown lunch bags or socks that are missing a pair and let your child make puppets out of them using a variety of craft materials. Once they’re done creating, sit back and enjoy the show!



  •  Have a Costume Contest


Have your kids put together costumes using what they can find around the house. You can even allow them to invite over some friends and compete for a prize.



  •  Play Pretend Grocery Store


Help your kids learn how to count money, create a budget, and work on their addition and subtraction skills by setting up a pretend grocery store. All you need is play money, fake food, and a toy cash register.



  •  Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt


Encourage your kids to get outside and explore by setting up a nature scavenger hunt. For the most fun, research different animals and plants in your area for them to find.



  •  Let Them Experiment With Photography


Purchase a disposable camera and let your child take pictures of whatever they please. After you develop the photos, they can add them to an album, scrapbook, or even place them in the custom greeting cards you made earlier!

From a young age, it is important for parents to set limits on how much time they allow their children to spend behind a screen and to instead provide engaging and educational activities. Pick from any of these ideas or come up with one of your own to help your child interact with the world around them.