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What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Posting in SEO is a two-way street where a blogger writes content for another company’s blog, which in turn benefits both the parties involved. The blogger is generally an expert on the topic and from the same industry. It helps the writer gain traction to their website, make the domain credible by regularly appearing on previously established blogs, and help build relationships within the industry.

It’s beneficial for the blog/ website owner as it helps in the creation of unique content for the website, becomes an authoritative figure in the circle, and helps in expanding the network.

How to Find Guest Posting websites?

  1. You can visit credible websites in your field. Usually, there is a section allocated to blogging separately or then contact them via mail, if not found.
  2. You can google search:
  • (topic keyword phrase)+ write for us
  • (topic keyword phrase)+ guest article
  • (topic keyword phrase)+ become a contributor

Additionally, you can also directly look at whether your desired website has the option of guest blogging by searching:

  • + want to write
  • + guest post by
  • + submit your post

Benefits of Guest Posting in SEO

Top advantages of using Guest Posting Sites are-

1. Instant exposure to the targeted traffic

For any online business or blog, it is essential to penetrate the interested audience. When you write for other companies, the people associated with the same industry or same interests, which is helpful in the initial stages as it helps you gain traction. This directly affects your leads, sale, and sustainability.

2. Helps build relationships

Invite people to write for you and, at the same time, write multiple articles for others. It helps in future collaborations and ventures of the company. It helps you in understanding how the industry functions, keeps you up to date with developments, and eventually help you become an authority.

3. Stimulates social media presence

Use social media management tools and resources to make your blog or link go viral. And when you submit your content to websites with ample presence, the shares pour in naturally, which helps you regulate and increase your online presence.

4. Gaining online authority to become an expert

Guest posting acts as the doorway to achieving the status of an expert in your respective field. The more in-depth, well-researched columns you publish on trustworthy blogs, the more prospects you get to reach and associate with people. Over the course time, you can become an influence in the eyes of your spotted readers.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Building the links from highly credible and qualitative sites is the main determining factor that affects your SEO ranking. To increase the position on search results, boost the credibility of your brand, and regularly engage with new audiences in your industry and well-researched marketers.

6. Build brand awareness

By deciding and dedicating yourself to a niche topic, you don’t only become an expert, but in the process, make a unique selling point and brand-worth for yourself. This is very helpful as it makes you an influencer in terms of your style being copied and used.

7. Getting useful feedback

Enable an active comment section, respond to emails diligently, and provide necessary contact details to build a community that helps you grow, improvise, and admire. The feedback mechanism enables you to understand the required changes and demands of the community. Constant interaction also gives you more shares and traffic.

How to drive massive traffic to your blog post?

You can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website by:

1. Write better headlines

Most of the people don’t read beyond headlines. Make a point to write crisp, clear, and exciting headlines. This can be done by merely knowing your target audience and the purpose of writing the headline.

2. Make your content visual

It helps in retaining information while making it more attractive and engaging. Using pictures, illustrations, infographics, representative images, memes, and videos makes concepts simpler to the 9-second memory of humans.

3. Improve loading time

As you seemingly know, Google recognizes loading time as an influential determinant in ranking websites. Study shows that 47% of users now expect a page to load within 2 seconds. Please get rid of extra add-ons and plug-ins, and they make your blog sloppy and slow. Replace them with the multipurpose plugin, Jetpack, for efficiency.

4. Make sharing easy

You can share your post on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Social media sites also help in driving traffic to the website. And will also improve your website visibility among readers.

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